The Witt Group And Vital Options International Partner To Assist Patients Battling Chronic Disease

SANTA CLARA, Calif. and FLEMINGTON, N.J. – March 27, 2023 – The WiTT Group™, Inc., a Digital Health and FinTech company focused on solving the non-clinical challenges patients face as they go through treatment and Vital Options International®, a patient Advocacy, Education and Support organization helping patients with chronic, terminal and rare conditions, announced today a new strategic partnership to increase the non-clinical support patients require while battling chronic diseases.  Under the terms of the partnership, Vital Options will integrate WITT’s Patient Support Registry into its global patient database and Whole Person Health Digital Patient Platform, enabling the organization to extend their support to patients and families in underserved and minority communities. 

“We are excited to partner with Vital Options to extend our collective support to patients and caregivers from pre-diagnosis to end-of-life.  By adding a component that de-stigmatizes asking for help, and making it easy for patients to ask for, and receive the help they need, to Vital Options’ existing health education and peer-to-peer support platform, we believe we can bring the right resources at the right time to every patient.  This is especially critical when Financial Toxicity and Health Equity are real issues for a majority of patients, especially cancer patients.  This partnership will allow us to accelerate the impact we can have by becoming a key component of the Vital Options’ solution to the requests they receive from their members,” said Rahul Mahadevan, Founder & CEO of the WiTT Group, Inc.

“The partnership between WiTT and Vital Options will accelerate and measure the support given to patients longitudinally over their health journey.  Our immediate focus will be on addressing the many non-clinical challenges that patients in underserved and minority communities face such as food insecurity, transportation to medical appointments, peer-to-peer connections, and other everyday living expenses that affect health outcomes.   In addition, our partnership will truly provide patient advocacy through our unparalleled understanding of the true Voice of the Patient from diagnosis to end-of-life.  This will not only help patients and caregivers but also benefit other stakeholders in the healthcare delivery continuum such as pharmaceutical and medical device  companies, hospitals and integrated health networks, clinical trial companies, and insurance firms,” said David Duplay Chairman and CEO of Vital Options International.

“By addressing and eliminating many of the everyday life pressures patients and caregivers face, we can place a more attentive focus on fostering Shared Decision Making and providing timely and better health education, both which contribute to the Social Determinants of Health which historically has been poor and often overlooked in underserved and minority populations around the world.  In our post-COVID world, Vital Options is receiving over 800 support requests weekly from patient and caregivers,” added Duplay. 

About The WiTT Group, Inc.

The WiTT Group, Inc. is focused on solving the non-clinical challenges (financial and non-financial) patients face as they go through treatment.  We partner with a variety of organizations including non-profits, cancer support groups, hospitals, providers, employers and church groups to use its WiTT Support Registry platform.  WiTT’s Support Registry platform de-stigmatizes asking for help by combining the personalized needs of a patient with the simplicity of a wedding registry and leveraging a financial tool to facilitate payments, thereby making it easy for a patient to ask, but more importantly, making their needs visible to those that want to help.  This not only makes it easy for a patient to ask for support, but it also makes it easy for those that want to support a patient to know exactly what they can do to help.  WiTT’s initial focus is on cancer care, but the platform can be used for all chronic diseases.  More information on the WiTT Group can be found at  You can also follow The WiTT Group on Facebook and Instagram at @wittforever, @WiTTSupportTeam on Twitter.

About Vital Options International 

Founded in 1983, Vital Options International is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization whose mission is to provide Advocacy, Health Education to the healthcare industry and Financial Assistance to qualified patients, caregivers and families battling a chronic, terminal, or rare condition.  Vital Options International also provides Virtual Social Therapy through a global community network of Patients, Caregivers and Healthcare Professionals.More information on the Vital Options International and Whole Person Health can be found at

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