The World’s First Alt Coin Crypto Index Fund Has Arrived!

San Diego, California based UniCoin Blockchain has announced the world’s first platform where investors can build their own personalized basket of cryptocurrency index funds based on their interests.

Building upon their distributed network of MINT processing power and capitalizing on the demand for ETFs among younger generations, Unicoin is launching the world’s first platform on which investors can build their own portfolio of alt coin index funds. With 9 out of every 10 millennials investors agreeing that ETFs are vital to every investment strategy, Unicoin is bringing this same popular investment vehicle into the world of crypto.

UniCoin is introducing several new Indexed funds to make it easy to invest in diverse crypto holdings based on one’s desired market cap or interest area without having to open several wallets or work with different exchanges. It’s simple for the investor; Unicoin’s funds do the legwork for investors to access areas of crypto that are difficult and expensive to acquire and hold. With UniCoin, investors will be able to access indexed coins on a number of exchanges, or through, and with these funds investors can easily and affordably gain access to a whole new world of diversified crypto holdings.

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For the first time ever, investors will be able to invest in all of the top alt coins by just purchasing one coin called the Alt20. Investors will be able to purchase this coin on different exchanges or through where one can build a basket of the many different index funds UniCoin will offer. Investors can build their own basket of coins based on their individual investment goals and personal preferences with coins created for large cap cryptocurrencies like the BIG5 coin or smaller cryptocurrencies like with the Alt20. Unicoin is also creating indexes for media, philanthropic, research and social media coins, promising to be a valuable tool for investors that are interested in crypto assets for one particular industry or interest group. Using these indexed funds can help people to not only invest in the space but also to support causes they feel strongly about. And UniCoin will continually add to their indexed coin offerings as demand dictates.

“I believe that people really need simple alternatives when investing in the Crypto space. It is still very hard to own many sectors of the crypto world and trying to manage and monitor more than just a few different crypto holdings can become a nightmare”, suggested Chris Anthony, Co-CEO of UniCoin.

“With our simple and inexpensive indexed funds, investors will be able to access difficult-to-own assets and monitor performance easily. This even gives people the opportunity to focus on areas they care about like media assets, AI, or charities they’d like to support. This is a whole new way to own crypto and it is accessible to anyone with interest in this space”, he added.

Unicoin has already created software and hardware innovations which could render the old-centralized datacenter obsolete. These radical new technologies will be used as the processing backbone for these new indexed coin funds. UniCoin’s MINT supercomputers will be rolled out in the next few weeks as the base for a worldwide network of processing power for Crypto, A.I. and advanced data processing of many kinds. This new indexed fund platform allows UniCoin to manage its proceeds from diverse crypto mining and processing and also gives investors a convenient way to diversify their crypto holdings. A full White Paper on UniCoin’s new Indexed Fund Platform will be posted later this month for review on BitcoinTalk, Reddit, and Github.

If you are interested in learning more about UniCoin and their new Indexed Fund Platform, then head to so you can support their Online Public Offering(OPO). This is not an ICO but rather an SEC Title lll regulated Crowdfunding Campaign. This means that UniCoin has filed a Form C with the SEC including; Reviewed Financial Statements, Business Description, Use of Proceeds, and Valuation Method. UniCoin has also complied with SEC requirements for: background checks, annual reporting, progress updates, ownership disclosure, and third party transactions.

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OPOs are quickly gaining in popularity as an accessible way for investors to find brilliant new ideas and invest early. Unlike ICOs, OPOs are fully SEC regulated and companies have to go through Federal background checks, issue CPA reviewed financials, and provide detailed business plans and Use of Proceeds. This helps to protect investor with confirmable information to make a wise investing decision. IPOs often lack any kind of verifiable disclosures about how the company is formed or how funds will be used. UniCoin’s Online Public Offering(OPO) is being handled by LA-based equity crowdfunding platform, StartEngine.

About UniCoin Blockchain Inc.:

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UniCoin is building a new kind of distributed processing ecosystem so profitable, it will make the centralized datacenter obsolete. With a novel micro-leasing approach and new technologies in hardware, firmware, UniCoin’s model is better in every way. By using small, fractional spaces in occupied buildings, UniCoin creates a ‘distributed’ datacenter with its MINT mining platform. This transforms small pieces of real estate all across the country into UniCoin’s collective datacenter, paying the building owner a fee and Unicoin shareholders steady returns. Oh, and our technology uses 40% less energy and comes with no infrastructure build-out costs. We eliminate infrastructure and spread energy loads across the grid to process more efficiently than the competition, reducing environmental impact and increasing profits. UniCoin is the future of Data Processing!

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