Thrupenny set to roll out new DeFi Lending Protocol

Thrupenny, a lending and borrowing protocol designed to make Decentralized Finance (DeFi) accessible for users, recently announced that it will be rolling out its new DeFi protocol by the end of the year.

In recent years, DeFi has continued to gain traction as DeFi protocols have attracted millions of users and many of the world’s leading financial institutions, funds, exchanges, and family offices, with yields that far outweigh those in traditional finance.

However, the DeFi sector currently represents only 0.1% of its maximum potential, and its significant growth is inevitable.

The annualized protocol revenue in all DeFi protocols is only a minute fraction against the trillion dollar global retail banking, cross-border payment and global stock exchange revenue, so much so that seizing an additional 1% market share increases the DeFi revenue by several folds.

Coupled with the massive rise in cryptocurrency assets and derivatives, Thrupenny sees a future where DeFi will encroach dearly on traditional banking territory.

Thrupenny – the next generation lending protocol

Thrupenny is a decentralized, algorithmic protocol for lending and borrowing assets set to operate on the Ethereum and Binance Smart Chain (BSC) networks, making it easier for users to benefit from the complicated world of crypto derivatives.

With the specific aim of putting user benefits at its core, users can provide liquidity to the market and earn interest on their deposits, while borrowers can take loans in an over-collateralized fashion to increase their yield bearing opportunities.

Since the listing of its native token TPY, it has met with much fanfare with investors as Thrupenny surges forward to bring the benefits of DeFi lending to more people globally.

Besides being an appreciating asset for investors, it also creates a lot of opportunities for users to work with many other DeFi ecosystems and put their idle crypto assets to work.

Setting itself apart from the myriad of other DeFi protocols, the Thrupenny  protocol will feature an innovative buyback mechanism which passes on revenue and liquidation fees to participating protocol users. With this, users stand to receive protocol rewards on top of industry leading borrowing and lending rates, creating the potential for the highest long-term yields in DeFi.

Centered on its vision to provide a transparent, accessible, permissionless, and trustless platform for users, Thrupenny is set to usher in a new age of DeFi lending with its embedded scalability, unprecedented capabilities, and unique features.

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