Tmall announces restrictions on stores participating in Singles Day 2019

Beijing, China – October 9, 2019 – Last month, China’s largest B2C ecommerce marketplace Tmall hosted several conferences with sellers, a.k.a. merchants, to announce new rules, tools and tips for Singles Day 2019. Singles Day is on Nov. 11 and was started by Tmall 11 years ago. It is by far the largest shopping event in the world and recorded US $31 billion of sales in Nov. 2018.

Tmall announced new rules applicable to this year’s Singles Day event. Most notably, they are enforcing a new restriction on the products that can participate in this event. Most products that do not have a strong sales record from previous events will not be allowed to participate in this year’s Singles Day event. Products that have had strong past performance will not be affected.

Tmall also announced various tools designed to help merchants prepare for Singles Day more effectively. Xin Ke Bao (XKB) is one of the most notable new marketing tools they released. It is designed specifically to target first-time customers that match a store’s consumer demographics. XKB gives merchants the ability to create strong offers only to brand new customers.

Tmall shared numerous tips during the conferences to emphasize the need for effective event preparation. They put a large focus on using content to drive sales as they urged merchants to maximize the use of Weitao, the in-platform Instagram functionality. Tmall also recommended to invest in video content to help drive sales.

The platform itself has made lots of investments to pave way for a successful Singles Day for all merchants. Tmall already invested in several high profile Key Opinion Leaders (KOLs) to build hype and awareness for the big event. They’ve also created a new incentive program that rewards merchants for bringing in new traffic from almost any source of traffic outside Tmall, including social media, video sites and event offline events.

Singles Day is a huge opportunity and challenge at the same time. Tmall shared a huge amount of information because they know how often merchants struggle with the preparation. Kung Fu Data advises brands to take full advantage of the information Tmall made available to effectively prepare for this year’s Singles Day.

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