To infinity and beyond – European Start-up Spaceping Technologies is building a space probe to leave the solar system

“The stars will never be won by little minds; we must be big as space itself.” – in the spirit of the words of famous science fiction writer Robert A. Heinlein, the newly founded company Spaceping Technologies has set its sights on great things: They want to build the space probe Hello-1 that will leave the boundary of the solar system. On board it will have important cargo: The personal messages and data of Spaceping’s customers! The probe is also supposed to have copies of human knowledge and coordinates of the earth on board and is intended to act as a cosmic time capsule. It will thus be the first private space probe ever to leave the solar system and the first project that will allow anyone to send their own message to space. So far, the only human devices that have managed to leave the solar system are NASA’s Voyager probes.

Spaceping Technologies makes it a priority to ensure that important decisions such as the appearance of the probe or the exoplanet approached are to be co-decided by the community. The company not only wants to transport human messages into space, but also offers a DNA package that allows customers to shoot their own genome into the far reaches of space.

Spaceping Technologies, which among others employs biologists, science influencers, astronautics experts and space lawyers, plans to launch the website before the end of 2022, making it possible for interested individuals to send their own personal message to the infinite reaches of the cosmos in the near future.

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