Tokyo the Land of Connectivity Lures Tourists with FREE Wi-Fi

Heard that Japan is most connected country for daily commuters?. Be it bullet trains (Shinkansen) or normal trains, one will never have to wander or wait with out a public transport and always on time; Well even if you are not a daily routine commuter in Japan; Here is your experience to take away home as Tokyo the City of Connectivity for tourists as well with Free Wi-fi.

Vibrant shopping, a bustling metropolis, an unlimited choice of entertainment and a rich culture – not enough? In Addition to all the Nature`s Gifts in Japan; FREE Wi-Fi is Welcoming Tourists to Tokyo.

Tokyo can truly be called a tourists’ paradise on Earth. A variety of phenomenal facilities can capture your heart always. The free Wi-Fi isn’t just limited to one location or one mode of connectivity, The Tokyo free Wi-Fi enables you to comfortably connect from anywhere through any modes or any device. You can get connected upon arrival with any device or modes. Uninterpreted with High speed connectivity you can enjoy your travel, leisure or business in Tokyo.

Bask in the glory of free Wi- Fi as you go about your day to day itinerary being in any spot; such as transportation, (including train stations, on the trains and buses), convenience stores, coffee shops, shopping malls and much, much more! The range and scope of the free Wi-Fi is expanding rapidly and will spread to all over Tokyo soon.

For those of you planning to travel to Tokyo, the free Wi-Fi system and connectivity will definitely be one of the comfort zone of your trip. You won’t get like these facilities anywhere. You’ll have a wonderful time visiting the following structures in Tokyo which are all equipped with the free Wi-Fi connection: the observation room of the Tokyo Metropolitan Government Building, Hamarikyu garden Tokyo, Metropolitan Edo-Tokyo Museum, the Takao Visitor Center, the Tokyo facility, of Machinaka and many other fabulous places besides.

Having trouble deciding sight-seeing spots? Is your favourite mobile app works only connecting through online? Further have no fear! If you do not know the language while you’re wandering along familiar streets, but suddenly it’s dark and you find yourself hopelessly lost. Instantly connect to the free Tokyo Wi-Fi system and use maps or apps to find your way, decide your spots and get along with your favourite spot; In Tokyo, you’ll never be getting lost again!

You don’t even have to switch accounts or input passwords; it is very much possible to connect to the free Wi-Fi service of various places in Tokyo such as affiliated subway and bus without doing either of those things very convenient.

Tokyo is making its streets increasingly appropriate and friendly for travelers every single day. You can enjoy the perks of the Japan`s Internet Infrastructure at any time of the day. The following sticker is a landmark where you can use FREE Wi-Fi & TOKYO.

Furthermore, if you use “Japan Connected-free Wi-Fi”, you can connect to free Wi-Fi at about 160,000 places including airports, train stations and convenience stores nationwide in addition to “FREE Wi-Fi & TOKYO”!

What are you waiting for? Grab your flight tickets and get moving to the gorgeous Tokyo , the city awaits you to welcome with its promise of free Wi-Fi.

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