UBETS Listing on ProBit Exchange

Funder One Capital is very pleased to announce, on September 17th 2020, we will be listing UBETS on our 2nd exchange, ProBit.  This is a very exciting time for our company to be included on this platform, as we continue to grow awareness and show value in the crypto market. 

ProBit is an exchange based in South Korea.  It is known for being a very advanced and easily accessible exchange for the crypto currency market.  This would include accessibility for U.S. traders.  This exchange has good performance with low trading fees and some middle-tier volumes.  ProBit daily trade volume exceeds 600 million.  This is important to Funder One Capital, as it brings added value to growing our real estate coin, worldwide.  This listing will bring visibility to UBETS in a competitive landscape of exchanges, to attract significant investor activity and liquidity.

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UBETS listing will include pairings with both BTC and ETH.  This will allow our coin holders the flexibility to trade with their currency of choice.  Along with the already paired BNB on Binance Dex, Funder One Capital will continue to grow the value of UBETS by pairing with other top ten currencies.

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