Unique New Real Estate Technology Offers the Keys to Solving the Opaqueness of Real Estate

Growth Maps is the only data visualization platform that instantly displays the latest local demographic & economic growth & 36-month forecasts.  For the first time ever, available in an affordable format.

GrowthMaps has launched, first of its kind, data-mapping technology that empowers users to make millions more in commercial  and residential real estate by accessing the most up to date demographic and economic growth data.

Growth Maps is the only dynamic data visualization real estate technology that instantly displays:

  • Latest local demographic growth data
  • Latest local economic growth data
  • Block-level 36-month forecasts

Better data mean more sales and, with this personalized online and mobile technology at their fingertips, real estate professionals will be able to accurately predict changes in local markets, close more sales, and boost investment potential indefinitely.

The Problem: Everyone knows its location location location. But, no consumer or real estate professional has access to current local market data. Zillow doesn’t have it, nor do professionals. Since critical variables like: job growth, population growth, and disposable income growth, are NOT recorded or a part of any public record.

Real estate is opaque and risky, unless you have access to the right data.  Knowing exactly when and where to sell or buy, throughout the US is critical part, of all asset management.  Today, no software addresses this fundamental problem.

“People often ask me why this cutting-edge software hasn’t been developed before,” says Nathan D George, PhD, UC Berkeley – Real Estate.  “The truth is that this technology is extremely hard to develop and to build it independently takes many years of data aggregation, and would cost upwards of $3.5 million. This is why real estate experts, such as the Founder of Peak Potentials, T. Harv Eker, have applauded Growth Maps for being “the next giant step in property investment this century.”

Even the most popular real estate companies or intelligence software lack the online tools offered by Growth Maps. Real estate agents can save thousands of hours and dollars on buying data from countless vendors, as Growth Maps aggregates all the data and growth data they need, with vastly improved dynamic technology.

“It’s our passion to make this service accessible to anyone in the real estate industry with zero effort,” adds Eddie Godshalk, the CEO of Growth Maps. “We can guarantee you’re not going to find that anywhere else.”

We are also presenting at  www.realcomm.com/realcomm-2018 in June 2018 in Vegas. For a few select real estate professionals, we are offering a Free Trial and Reports.   Contact us for more information.


GrowthMaps is a startup up offering real estate professionals in the United States an online data visualization platform with access to the most current local demographic and economic data. The service is aimed at investors, businesses and risk managers looking to make smarter, location-based property decisions. The founder of the startup Eddie Godshalk has over 20 years of experience in the finance industry and has purchased more than 40 investment properties.  He decided to develop Growth Maps because he is keenly aware of the complete lack of ESSENTIAL local data available to ALL RE professionals today.

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