Upsurge Digital Marketing Takes Websites to the First Page of Search Results

Arizona, USA – September 3, 2018 – It’s essential to have an online presence, but if a company website isn’t appropriately optimized visitors will be few and the opportunity to generate leads will suffer. RJ McLearen, co-owner of Upsurge Digital Marketing, specializes in search engine optimization (SEO) that enables websites to obtain the recognition they deserve.

“Regardless of what people need in their lives, the Internet has become the source for answers and options,” said McLearen. “Upsurge uses this understanding and years of experience to bring new clients to local businesses.”

The Internet is the primary way that people locate the products and services they desire. Websites must contain the many elements of SEO to be found when someone conducts an online search. Through the company’s extensive understanding of SEO, it brings together all the levels necessary to provide clients with the visibility required to gain new customers.

Upsurge believes websites and business listings are of little value unless potential customers see them immediately in search results. Over 95 percent of individuals choose a company from the first page of search results. Websites must also utilize responsive design, enabling them to display correctly on devices ranging from laptops and tablets to phones.

Two elements have played key roles in Upsurge’s success. First, the company is determined to remain small enough to give every client the personalized attention they deserve. Secondly, the company focuses on local businesses and the markets they serve. Upsurge utilizes an array of tools, techniques and strategies to ensure client websites change and evolve as search engines update their algorithms.

“Every client is important to us and we reject the business model that signs up hundreds of clients and then selects the best and ignores the rest,” said McLearen. “Nothing feels better than winning for our clients.”

Upsurge Digital Marketing is a one-stop solution for businesses that want to build their brand, increase their visibility, and obtain valuable leads. The company offers clients a full range of services, from website creation and hosting to management of every aspect of Internet marketing for local businesses everywhere.

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Formed in 2005 as CovMac Marketing, the company was renamed in Jan. 2018 to Upsurge Digital Marketing. Keeping your website and business reputation in top shape requires time, effort and continual monitoring of search engine changes, updates and results. Why not allow the webmasters at Upsurge do what they do best so you can do what you do best? You run your business and make money. Let us analyze your ROI and show you all the benefits of quality lead generation, SEO and digital asset management. Let’s face it. Nothing feels better than winning. Connect with Upsurge on Facebook.

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