VitalHearts & Vital Options International Announce Strategic Partnership

Digital Health Technology, Secondary Trauma Resiliency Training and Ongoing Support to Global Healthcare Professionals!

Flemington – April 26, 2021 – VitalHearts | The Resiliency Training Initiative and Vital Options International today announced the formation of their strategic partnership to provide Secondary Trauma Resiliency Training (STRT) and ongoing support through digital health solutions to healthcare professionals around the world.  

To better understand the impact of secondary traumatic stress reactions experienced by healthcare professionals in various practice settings, VitalHearts in partnership with Vital Options International conducted a recent study across eight therapeutic areas with over 700 healthcare professionals participating. In addition to identifying the impact stress and trauma is having on the general healthcare system, the study examined stress reactions across other demographics such as professional designation, race, gender and years in patient practice.

Together the partnership will provide hospitals, integrated health networks and other health related institutions with a comprehensive secondary trauma risk analysis, a proven and time-tested results-based resiliency training curriculum and a digital health platform for ongoing support and advanced resiliency training to healthcare professionals at all levels. 

VitalHearts pioneering STRT solution is designed to address the underlying way healthcare professionals process and contain all of the trauma they encounter. Delivered globally to thousands of healthcare professionals, their proven methodology and training curriculum allows healthcare professionals at all levels to create lasting resiliency in the face of unremitting stress and trauma. “Now more than ever, we need to take care of those who take care of us,” said David Duplay, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of Vital Options International.

In order to support healthcare professionals with ongoing advanced resiliency training, continuing medical education, Virtual Social Therapy through a community of peers and other valued products and services, Vital Options International will be launching the next generation of its digital health toolset in the coming months.

Over the last 30 plus years, Vital Options International has been providing the healthcare industry with innovative digital solutions designed to support and educate not only patients and caregivers, but also those who take care of us – our healthcare professionals.  “Their pioneering next generation of digital health solutions will tremendously help extend our resiliency training and ongoing support services to the many healthcare professionals globally,” said Dr Henry Tobey, Founder and President of VitalHearts.

“Given the eye-opening results of our recent study and our new normal in a COVID world, we are encouraged and heart-warmed by the number of organizations that have expressed an interest in partnering with and supporting us, as we come together to Take Care of Those Who Take Care of Us” stated Duplay.

About VitalHearts

Founded in 1999, VitalHearts is a 501(C)(3) whose mission is caring for the care provider, healing the healers by providing resiliency trainings for those who work in the high trauma, high morbidity medical services such as cancer, hospice, palliative, ED, ICU, mental health, substance abuse and the challenging human services.

About Vital Options International

Founded in 1983, Vital Options International is a 501(C)(3) whose mission is to provide Advocacy, Health Education to the healthcare industry and Financial Assistance to qualified patients, caregivers and families battling a chronic, terminal or rare condition.

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