Whole Person Integrative Eating Launches New Podcast, “The Healing Secrets of Food Revealed,” to Provide Healthy Eating Guidelines for Weight Loss and Well-Being

Adding scientifically sound strategies to the weight-loss conversation.


Austin, Texas – Whole Person Integrative Eating®, the breakthrough program that identifies and treats the root causes of overeating and overweight, is excited to announce the launch of its new podcast, “The Healing Secrets of Food Revealed.” The podcast is now available on major podcast platforms including Spotify, Apple Podcasts, and YouTube.

In each episode of “The Healing Secrets of Food Revealed,” host Deborah Kesten translates cutting-edge, 21st century weight-loss research into actions you can take that can make a real difference in your weight and well-being. Without dieting. You will also discover how overeating and overweight may be halted, even reversed, by replacing Deborah’s newly discovered, underlying reasons we overeat, with the antidotes: the ancient/new ‘ingredients’ of her scientifically sound Whole Person Integrative Eating® model and program.

By providing a clear, evidence-based path to overcome overeating and overweight, this dynamic and intriguing podcast empowers people with wisdom that leads to weight loss success.

The first episode of “The Healing Secrets of Food Revealed” shares insights about Your Roadmap to Eating Less, Weighing Less. Without Dieting.

“I’m thrilled to launch ‘The Healing Secrets of Food Revealed’ and bring actionable, scientifically sound strategies about optimal eating to the millions who struggle with overweight and other diet-linked conditions,” says Deborah, founder of Whole Person Integrative Eating®. “In each episode, listeners will discover practical, proactive steps that lead to weight loss and well-being…for the long-term.”

Listeners can subscribe to “The Healing Secrets of Food Revealed” on Spotify, Apple Podcasts, and YouTube, and visit https://HealingSecretsPodcast.com to listen to episodes; learn more about the podcast with transcripts, articles, and tips; and visit https://IntegrativeEating.com for more about the Whole Person Integrative Eating® program and services.

About Host Deborah Kesten

Deborah Kesten is a nutrition researcher and award-winning author, specializing in preventing and reversing overweight and heart disease. She was Nutritionist on Dean Ornish, MD’s first clinical trial for reversing heart disease with Lifestyle Medicine, and Director of Research on similar ‘reversal’ research at cardiovascular clinics in Europe. Deborah is Founder of Whole Person Integrative Eating® – a science-backed program to eat less and weigh less. She is married to behavioral scientist Larry Scherwitz, PhD, Co-Founder of Whole Person Integrative Eating®.

Media Contact

Company Name: Whole Person Integrative Eating

Contact Person: Deborah Kesten

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