Wrapit Condoms Launches Condom Subscription Waitlist

After graduating from college as a designer, Dylan Courtney, Founder of Wrapit Condoms had seen the alternatives students would take. Condoms remain frustrating to purchase and overpriced. Wrapit Condoms undercuts the overall market by creating monthly subscriptions starting at $8.

PHILADELPHIA, Dec. 31, 2019– Wrapit Condoms, LLC, announcing today their waitlist launch for high-quality condoms at the fraction of the current price. The waitlist launches on Valentine’s Day (February 14th), leveling the field for contraception.

Similar to razors and glasses, specific companies own a dominating presence and overcharge. For condoms, it is a supply and demand market forcing people to spend in order to be safe. A condom only costs a couple cents to manufacture but when packaged and shown on a Superbowl advertisement, the price skyrockets.

Wrapit is different because we have been in your shoes. We know what it is like to want to be safe but to not want to overspend on a disposable product. After months of research, designing and testing, we are prepared to launch our video and waitlist for others to join in the fun at www.wrapitcondoms.com. It remains simple with the ability to adjust your subscription, with 12 condoms starting at $8, significantly undercutting the market and arriving to your door in discreet packaging.

About Wrapit Condoms, LLC

Founded by Dylan Courtney, a designer and entrepreneur, he sought out to solve a problem he saw daily on his college campus. “There were condoms in the nurse’s office, but I realized with people either studying or in class, that one would not voluntarily find the time to grab some. You were left with few options, to not use one (not recommended) or visit a local convenience store.” Outside of college, people have fewer options, to either not use a condom or overpay. Wrapit is unlike the others, dedicated to providing high-quality protection for an honest price. Facebook: @wrapitcondomsTwitter: @wrapitcondomsInstagram:@wrapitcondoms https://www.wrapitcondoms.com

Video Link: https://www.youtube.com/embed/frYSltSyJKs

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