YVE Style Explores the Style of Kylie Jenner, how Readers can Make it Their Own

San Francisco, California, United States – Aug 22, 2019 – YVE Style, the online women’s magazine, has its finger on the pulse of trendy women of all ages and few are more fashionable than Kylie Jenner. To help those that want to emulate her inimitable style, the magazine’s most recent issue takes a look at how to accomplish that goal in three easy steps.

Jenner wears many hats during her hectic life and always manages to appear camera ready. The well-known social media celebrity, businesswoman, and socialite is the founder of her own Kylie Cosmetics company and a star of the E! reality TV series, “Keeping up with the Kardashians.” YVE Style has the tips and tricks Jenner utilizes to maintain flawless skin, her must-have wardrobe items, and how to prepare for the most important social functions.

The magazine also takes a look at one of the hottest trends of the season – black nail designs. Readers will find 25 hairstyles to help beat the summer heat, and 20 weave styles that can be done at home. What individuals put in their bodies is just as important as their outward accessories and audiences can read about the most effective diets to maintain svelte figures.

YVE Style addresses the topics of greatest interest to fashionable women, from nails, makeup and hairstyles to diets, horoscopes, and the latest celebrity news. Fashion changes quickly and it’s not easy to remain current. YVE Style makes it easy for young women to learn about chic new styles and recreate them at home or know what to ask for at salons.

YVE Style is for stylish young women around the globe that want to look and feel their best, whether they’re showing off their style on the beach or at the social event of the year. The magazine searches far and wide to bring stories of interest to young women of sophisticated tastes.

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YVE Style is the latest digital women’s magazine brand that has quickly become a lifestyle and fashion phenomenon. Inspired by the latest news, tips and stories on topics focused on women such as hairstyles, horoscope, nail designs, diets, and makeup, readers and followers from all across the globe are flocking to their website. Ever since its launch, the response from the readers has been overwhelming, and today YVE Style has become more than just a magazine. Known more broadly as a women-centric fashion and lifestyle brand, YVE Style specializes in providing engaging insider tips on current fashion trends that appeal to women of all ages. Gone are the days when glossy fashion magazines, funded by advertisers used to dominate the fashion landscape. Today, with the crossover of fashion and technology, online magazines like YVE Style are pushing the boundaries and seeking to go beyond the surface of fashion.  

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