Zoe Kok BaZi Life Blueprint Coaches Inner Peace, Positivity Through 4 Pillars of Destiny and Feng Shui

Hong Kong – Dec 21, 2020 – Zoe Kok, Feng Shui Master and creator of the Zoe Kok BaZi Life Blueprint, has traveled the world speaking about her techniques and the 4 Pillars of Destiny. She is offering her consulting services to individuals, families, residences and businesses through her professional Hong Kong-based Feng Shui Consultancy.

“My mission is Drawing out the best in people and to be a graceful interruption to the things that don’t work in people’s personal and business lives,” said Master Zoe.

An International Accredited Feng Shui Master, Zoe uses her extensive experience to help individuals become stronger in life. She provides tips for dealing with upcoming challenges in all aspects of their life encompassing finances and relationships to health, work and lifestyle.

Master Zoe utilizes her knowledge on the positive effects of the ancient knowledge and philosophy of life to help people cultivate a strong sense of awareness about themselves, their belongings, and with their environment. Through the principles of Feng Shui and the  4 Pillars of Destiny, she’s guiding others how to achieve inner peace, experience a harmonious life with the people in which they come into contact, and a better relationship with their surroundings.

Born in Kuala Lumpur, West Malaysia, Master Zoe has had a curiosity about life and the universe since she was a child. This led her to study Chinese Metaphysics in Hong Kong, Malaysia, Taiwan, and Singapore. She learned to speak four languages – English, Cantonese, Bahasa Malaysia and Mandarin – to better help her unravel the principles she studied. She moved to Hong Kong in the early ‘90s, and has since lived there with her husband and family.

One of the interests that assisted her in developing the Zoe Kok BaZi Life Blueprint was psychology, a topic in which she’s well-read. “My philosophy of life is an overall vision or attitude toward life and the purpose of it,” said Master Zoe. She incorporates philosophies of life and combines them with 4 Pillars of Destiny in her consultations to better help each client.

Master Zoe is currently continuing her research, mentoring, mission and helping more people to create their destiny, achieve life balance, and find their inner peace and happiness. Individuals around the world have also praised her gifts as a life coach and are learning to live a more fulfilled lifestyle with the Zoe Kok BaZi Life Blueprint.

For more information, visit: https://www.facebook.com/ZoeKokBaZiLifeBlueprint

About Master Zoe Kok

Zoe Kok is an Internationally Accredited Feng Shui Master and creator of the Zoe Kok BaZi Life Blueprint that has helped her clients around the world learn to live a more balanced, fulfilled, and successful life.

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