Meet Demeter Mojis, the Minimalist, Artistic Avatars of Emojis

Melbourne, Victoria, March 25, 2017: What happens when a cute and adorable emoji meets art masters like Picasso, Kooning or Kline? The common, emotional language of the world gets an artistic makeover in the work of Demeter. The Demeter Mojis have garnered attention worldwide and on social media for their abstract and minimalist twist.

 “Many people like Demeter’s unique Mojis,” said Hera, curator for Demeter Mojis. “They’re cool, trendy, and are enormously popular.”

Demeter is one of the most famous minimalist artists in the world, she has been called as “contemporary Picasso” and “Cy Twombly”, the two masters whose strokes can be found in her work. Her emojis have drawn acclaim for expressing feelings, personality, and communicating without words. Labeled cool and fashionable by fans and art critics, her artwork explores ideas of minimalism in black and white that graces homes, offices, restaurants, coffee shops, bars and hotels around the world.

 Her iconic works evoke emotions that are easily relatable and common to the human condition, yet conceived and displayed in a thoroughly modern manner. At Demeter’s online shop, art enthusiasts will find Land’s over 100 framed and unframed prints in black and white.

Also available are laptop and phone skins featuring her artwork, iPhone and iPod cases, home décor and accessories, and sophisticated notecards for discerning art lovers. Exclusive hoodies, T-shirts, tank tops and leggings sporting Land’s designs are available in multiple sizes for those who value stylish fashion.

Emojis are a common and modern means of communicating for millions of people worldwide. They transcend language and are easily recognizable. Already popular, Demeter Mojis received even more interest following the launch of the Pepsi™ Global Emoji Can and Bottle campaign and the Coca-Cola® Share a Feeling campaign.

The artist’s characteristic painting style is drawn with active, scribbled black lines that are reminiscent of Cy Twombly’s style, whose “blackboard” painting set auction records in 1968. He was one of several artists who influenced her work and the development of her own unique visions, along with Pablo Picasso, Willem de Kooning, Franz Kline, Robert Motherwell, Jackson Pollock, Helen Frankenthaler, Frank Stella and Jean-Michel Basquiat.

The availability of Demeter Land’s artwork online provides global art aficionados with access to the artist’s unique works. The artist specializes in bringing fine art to life in home and business environments. Demeter Mojis provide art lovers with a modern way to communicate and express themselves that requires no words.

 Demeterland Contact Person: Hera Field  Email: Phone: 0061 3 95462233 Address: 15/ 35 Garden Rd, Clayton, Vic 3168, Australia Website:

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