Jump Into Your Life & Architect a Lifestyle with Dream Architect Travis Fox

How many of us go through life without understanding what we really want? It can seem as though we’re just being pushed aimlessly day to day, surviving but not really living. Maybe you know what your true passion is but you don’t feel like you’re able to pursue it; it’s not “realistic,” you think. You say this as if you’re not the architect of your own life. We only have one life. It’s now or never, and this kind of mindset is exactly what’s promoted by the renowned Dr. Travis Fox. Through many difficult experiences of his own, Travis learned to ignore all of the distractions and create the kind of life he really wanted to live.

About Travis Fox

His results speak for themselves: Dr. Fox is a highly sought-after guest speaker, has published three books, and he has won an Emmy for his work in TV production. He’s helped huge companies such as Honda, Wells Fargo, and Goldman Sachs. All of this from a place where he was just wandering day to day, unsure of what he really wanted in life. Clearly, he’s stumbled upon something significant and has made it his goal to share it with others.

The Dream Architect Ethos

Armed with a Ph.D. in psychology and a doctoral degree in clinical hypnosis, it’s safe to say Travis has a good understanding of how the mind works. His methodology emphasizes a “bottom-up” approach. As opposed to “top-down” self-help approaches, which are all about getting to the “top” as quickly as possible, Dr. Fox’s methods let you take a breather and focus on yourself first.

Applying well-accepted psychological principles to self-improvement, he advocates challenging the negative beliefs that impede development or keep you from reaching specific goals.

Changing your thought patterns so that they work for you and not against you so it builds a foundation for long-term happiness. Fixing the mind first – that is, starting at the bottom – which leads to ultimate success in whatever you want to do. Humans are a goal-oriented species, and without all of the mental garbage, Dr. Fox acknowledges, we’re capable of wonders.

We’ve all felt anxiety when it comes to chasing our goals: “What if things don’t go the way I want?” “What if pursuing this is the wrong choice?” But these kinds of questions are exactly the things that, ironically, obstruct us from even starting. Additionally, they’re self-generated, which is why Dr. Fox likes to remind people that they’re the architects of their own internal experience. Just as he did, you can become a dream architect of your own life and get to the end of your life full of joy and satisfaction instead of regret.

Architect Individuals or Groups

Travis Fox’s work doesn’t just focus on the individual, but also groups of individuals working towards a common goal in the form of companies or other large groups. The same tenets applied to individuals can be applied to massive companies – both individuals and companies need to know “who they are,” and believe in themselves and the product. This belief will be communicated to other individuals or customers. Communication between employers and employees, along with communication between employees, can be compared to the internal conversations we all have as individuals, and obstructions in communication spoil the bottom-up approach that leads to success.

The Vision of a Life Well-Lived

Imagine a life where you want to get out of bed every day, with a clear goal for the day ahead that aligns with your passions. Imagine not having to go to bed feeling miserable, feeling like you accomplished nothing of value as your life continues to tick by. This is the kind of life that’s attainable by applying Dr. Fox’s methodology. Once you understand that you’re the architect of your own being, and “architect” a positive internal experience, then you’ll be ready to be the architect of your dreams.