Dutch Startup Dawody Offers Solution To Global Mask Shortage With Reusable Smart Mask In Covid-19 Pandemic

Since the outbreak of the global pandemic, mask shortage has become an undesired reality as result the Covid-19 virus is spreading rapidly. As result of this many hospitals have a critical shortage of masks, while countries struggle to control the outbreak.

Safa Dawody, the founder of Dawody Science Fashion states: “The inaccessibility of masks helps to spread the virus,  the root cause of the shortage problem is due the production of disposable masks. The problem is that these masks have to be thrown away, mainstream mask don’t have smart technology integrated with antimicrobial agents to offer additional protection and can’t be reused. Thus, we came up with the idea of reusable smart masks with antimicrobial coating that inhibits the growth of bacteria, molds, fungi and other microbes. Our masks provide continuous antimicrobial protection in the lifespan of the coating. In addition to the anti microbial coating, our masks have hydrophobic technology included to offer additional protection, so they repel liquids in case of sneezing. The uniqueness of our masks is the smart antimicrobial coating that start their activity as soon as microbes are detected.”

Furthermore Safa Dawody stated: “Disposable masks have to been thrown away after use and wrong use will increase change of infection or bacterial growth. The Dawody face mask is reusable and washable until 25 washing turns with active defence mechanism against microbes. An average adult can use the Dawody mask up to one month, this has the potential to solve the global mask shortage and to stop the virus from spreading. Our aim is to offer a sustainable solution on the mask shortage and develop new concepts of smart masks with in order indentify how the masks have the ability to inactivate or block the Covid-19 virus. However the fact that we are in a start up, limits our ability to scale up swiftly. We are ready to engage with investors and partner with distributor worldwide for mass production.”

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