Hand Soap Alternatives – Hand Soap Selling Out Of Stores… Don’t Worry

Coronavirus (COVID-19) continues to spread in the US. As the number of US cases rises, many people are panicking and buying out all of the hand soap in stores.

If you’re worried, Tawra Kellam from LivingOnADime.com says  “Don’t worry!” You can easily have more hand soap with things you probably already have at home! It is very simple and you can still be prepared even when the store shelves are empty!”

Even though the stores a sold out of anti-bacterial soap, here are 9 hand soap alternatives to get you through.

#1 Regular hand soap – Anti-bacterial soap is not needed. (It kills bacteria, not viruses.) The vigorous and thorough scrubbing of your hands for 20 seconds is what kills bacteria and viruses.

#2 Body wash – Yes the shelves are full of body wash right next to the sold out hand soap, and it serves the same purpose!

#3 Shampoo – Not just for hair anymore!

#4 Dish soap – If it can clean your dishes, it can clean your hands!

#5 Bubble bath – Those big jugs of bubble bath last as long as hand soap!

#6 Baby shampoo

#7 Baby body wash

#8 Bar soap – Yes, old fashioned bar soap still works great! Remember you are sudsing up for 20 seconds and rinsing it down the drain. Germs aren’t left on your hands afterwards.

#9 Hotel soap samples – This is a great time to use all those hundreds of hotel sample soaps, body washes and shampoos you brought home from your vacation and have never used.

Don’t get caught up in the labels. All these products are actually soap and will thoroughly clean your hands if you follow the correct hand washing procedures.

Video Link: https://www.youtube.com/embed/OuMXwBlG9g4

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