High School Inventor Launches Ergonomic Swim Kickboard

Ray-Board is pleased to announce a new swim kickboard to relieve stress and pain on shoulders and upper back!

March 16, 2020 – Newtown, CT – Ray-Board (https://ray-board.com) is pleased to announce the launch of a new ergonomic kickboard to relieve upper back and shoulder pain, developed by a high schooler. Norah Kolb’s three-dimensional Ray-Board design allows for a bent arm position that is considerably more comfortable, enabling athletes to train harder and longer. Like many competitive swimmers, Norah hated doing kicking drills during swim practice. Traditional flat kickboards position your arms in a fully extend position that places a lot of stress on your shoulders and neck, leading to pain and sometimes injury. 

As an 8th grader working on a school project, Norah Kolb never considered that two years later her invention would be a real product.  Now, as a busy sophomore, Norah finds herself splitting time between homework, swim team practice, and preparing marketing materials for Ray-Board™, the patent-pending swim kickboard she designed.

Lester Frost, a former Division 1 swimmer and early user of Ray-Board commented “The first time using the Ray-Board I noticed immediately how relaxed I felt in my shoulders, upper back and neck. Never did I think there would be a better alternative to the traditional kick board until I used the Ray-Board.”

After competing in her school, regional, state and national school-age Invention Conventions, Norah’s parents encouraged her to apply for the local Entrepreneurial Innovation Awards, a “shark tank” like pitch contest sponsored by the state of Connecticut.  Norah beat 80 “adult” company entries to present in a live event, and walked away with the top cash prize totaling twelve thousand dollars.

Norah has used that funding to build multiple rounds of prototypes, setup preliminary manufacturing capabilities, build a website, and start selling Ray-Board online.  She recently launched a Kickstarter campaign (https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/ray-board/ray-board-the-comfortable-kickboard?ref=7de6xw) to raise funds to finalize the manufacturing process and begin distributing of the product.   Norah hopes that Ray-Board will become the kickboard that all swimmers use and help swimmers and non-swimmers enjoy kicking.

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