Hy-Hybrid Energy, UK extends invitation for hydrogen/fuel cell related business collaboration opportunities in the EU

Glasgow, United Kingdom – 29th March, 2021 – Scotland (Glasgow) based fuel cell services provider is one of the few companies providing services in all major fuel cell types. Dr. Naveed Akhtar, CEO, Hy-Hybrid Energy brings more than 20 years of experience in hydrogen energy/fuel cells. Dr. Akhtar has worked on four (PEMFC, AFC, DMFC, SOFC) out of the six major fuel cell types at world renowned organizations in Pakistan, Germany, Netherlands, Italy, Canada, Japan and the UK.

Hy-Hybrid Energy is leading the first of its kind in Hungary, the fuel cell bus development project which also includes battery electric buses development. The Company is also proud to be the world’s first in setting-up a platform (International Hydrogen Aviation Conference, IHAC) which gathers leading experts from the aviation sector, discussing the role of hydrogen in decarbonisation, annually. Other ongoing projects include low and high temperature fuel cell systems development for transport, back-up and off-grid applications.

In March 2019, Hy-Hybrid Energy has been invited for supporting a German OEM’s project for the technology development in Solid Oxide Fuel Cells. Dr. Akhtar’s extensive background in high-temperature solid-oxide fuel cells while working at German Aerospace Center, Stuttgart and The Centre for Hydrogen & Fuel Cell Research at the University of Birmingham was the perfect match for the German Partner to work with Hy-Hybrid Energy. Dr. Akhtar’s PhD (on the topic of single-chamber, micro-tubular, solid oxide fuel cells) has the honour to be the first modelling and experimental studies ever published.

In August 2019, Hy-Hybrid Energy entered into a joint agreement with GOLDI Mobility Kft- a Hungarian based manufacturing Company for the development and assembly of fuel cell electric drivetrain for their next generation buses. In this project, Hy-Hybrid Energy is providing services related to the selection and testing of complete electric drivetrain including, fuel cell stack, battery/supercapacitor, electric motor, inverter, hydrogen cylinders, air & cooling supply system, DC-DC converter and energy management control. Later in 2020, this program was further extended to include battery electric buses, hence now setting-up a zero-emission buses (ZEBs) manufacturing facility in Hungary.

In late 2020, Dr. Akhtar has been invited to support a study related to the use of Solid Oxide Fuel Cells for an aviation project. The study includes the use of gas turbine, battery and fuel cells as a hybrid drivetrain and selects the most appropriate energy source during climb, cruise & descend phases of the flight while optimising the overall efficiency of the drivetrain.

“These projects clearly demonstrate that both low and high temperature fuel cell technology have a place in the automotive sector, it is very important to select the right one with respect to particular application and scale size.” commented Dr. Akhtar.

Hy-Hybrid Energy is extending invitation to potential suppliers who are looking for collaboration and joint business opportunities in the EU. The business collaboration includes many of the areas in the field of green hydrogen and fuel cells, e.g.

  • Hydrogen production, storage, compression, dispenser suppliers
  • Hydrogen electrolysers (PEMEL, AEL, SOEC) and H2 refuelling station suppliers
  • Ammonia cracking, synthesis unit suppliers
  • Methanol reformer, synthesis unit suppliers
  • All fuel cell (PEMFC, AFC, SOFC, DMFC, PAFC, MCFC) type component, stack & system suppliers
  • Hydrogen powered drone suppliers
  • Battery electric vehicle (BEVs) and fuel cell electric vehicle (FCEVs) component suppliers

Interested companies can contact Hy-Hybrid Energy via email: info@hy-hybrid.com by sending proposal of business cooperation.

About Hy-Hybrid Energy Limited:

Working with the leading players in the hydrogen and fuel cell sector, Hy-Hybrid Energy provides services in clean energy technologies. Based in Scotland, UK, the team are specialists in all major fuel cell types, renewable energy systems, hydrogen storage and production, and support both low and high temperature fuel cell technology. In 2020, the Company organized the world’s first international hydrogen aviation conference (IHAC 2020). The conference attracted high-level international speakers as well as a global audience discussing the role of hydrogen in aviation.

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