Master Meditator Releases Unique Nitvali Meditation Method for Creativity

March 29, 2021 – Music has been called one of the great transformative powers in the universe. Spiritual pioneer and master meditator, Luis de Castro, has released his unique new Nitvali Meditation Method that combines meditation and music to promote the development of creativity, fluid intuition and a still mind.

“It focuses on the development of creative imagination,” said Luis. “Nitvali is excellent for artists, musicians, businessmen, and people interested in their personal development.”

Luis is the founder of the Circle of Dharamsala, the Spiritual Community, and the author of the Manifesto of Dharamsala. Currently residing between Spain and The North of India, in the Western Himalayas, the musical meditation program is designed to ignite the creative imagination. The Nitvali Meditation Method is comprised of themed video soundtrack meditations.

Each meditation utilizes 432Hz-tuned music soundtracks and powerful alpha wave binaural beats designed to help individuals enter a deep state of relaxation and creative imagination quickly and effortlessly. The subconscious mind becomes hyper receptive to suggestion, enabling individuals to manifest dreams, desires and ambitions as reality.

Nitvali Meditation is backed by scientific research. The mind finds 432Hz exceptionally pleasant and harmonious. That frequency has been proven to stimulate the release of endorphins and serotonin. The result is a feeling of peace and well-being that unites the body and mind with nature for optimal creativity.

The mathematical consistency matches the vibrations of the universe. Nitvali combines that with binaural beats at the alpha wave level for optimal results. The seven evolutionary steps of the Nitvali Meditation Method encompass relaxation, the power of perception, mental clarity and detoxification, emotional healing, imagination, entering the subtle mind, and realm of the inconceivable.

The Nitvali Meditation Method will burn negative energy, activate creative imagination, emotional chemistry, let the mind eliminate stumbling blocks to success, and attract infinite abundance, longevity and greater energy. Castro is also including a personal message to those that invest in themselves with the Nitvali Meditation Method, a step-by-step guide, and a booklet on dream transference to further their journey of creativity.

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About Luis de Castro

Born in Northern Spain in the early 1970s, Luis de Castro’s ancestry spans ethnic backgrounds that include Italian, Portuguese and Austrian. He earned a Bachelor’s degree in Law from the University of Madrid and a Master’s degree in Human Resources Management at a Madrid business school. He’s received multiple Tantric initiations, completed a study of Buddhist philosophy in a Tibetan monastery in the mountains near Katmandu, Nepal, studied in India, and is a Reiki master.

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