Introducing Deni Bonet

Deni Bonet shines bright with her ecstatic new release, Bright Shiny Objects. Rocking her violin like it’s nobody’s business, Bonet crafts memorable songs you will want to listen to a thousand times over. Her new release, which is all instrumental, ranges stylistically from pop to rock, to new folk.


Deni has spent the past year and a half writing and recording with a Who’s Who of some of the best musicians on the planet – including Steve Gaboury (Cyndi Lauper), Liberty DeVitto (Billy Joel), Richard Barone (Bongos), Shawn Pelton (SNL), Will Lee (Letterman), Matt Beck (Matchbox Twenty), Steve Holley (Paul McCartney), Graham Maby (Joe Jackson), Ben Butler (Chris Botti), Mike Visceglia (Suzanne Vega), and the list goes on and on.


Bright Shiny Objects is a breath of fresh air as her intensity shines through. Taking over stages throughout the world, recently she played a high-profile set at Carnegie Hall. Her latest video for “Palisades” propels her further into the spotlight, as it takes out breath away from start to finish. Her artistic vision comes to life, as she shares her music with the world, one note at a time. It’s safe to say Deni Bonet is here to stay.


Deni Bonet “Palisades”: