Introducing MedicSignal Watch – A Lifeline for Caregivers

Auckland, New Zealand – January 21, 2020 – MedicSignal is a watch with the unique ability to respond when one can’t. The watch sends an alert if a person has had a stroke, or any other time when one is in trouble and unable to help himself. A person could be lying in bed in a coma, or half-paralyzed after a stroke, and the watch will know whether he has swiped its face at the time he predetermined. If a person fails to do so, the watch will signal his support network for help.

With some 50 million unpaid caregivers across the nation, caregiver burnout is real. MedicSignal allows caregivers to be there only when they’re needed, and not waste their precious energy when they’re not.

This is how MedicSignal takes care of the people who take care of people. Getting that job right allows family caregivers to truly devote their time and energy to their loved ones. At a time when money and the sick are considered more important than the caregivers, the caregivers don’t get their own needs met until they burnout in our inefficient, profit-driven healthcare system. That’s not doing the right thing by their loved ones.

“We don’t want users to have to trust unreliable vintage fall detectors. MedicSignal is far more than a fall detector. The system works even when the owner cannot respond or move,” says John Hookway, Founder. “The watch keeps your alerts in your own hands. It keeps the choice of who gets alerted in your hands. These are not just technological differences, and it amounts to a different social idea. A direct connection to friends and family in times of need is something that, say, anApple Watch cannot provide.By the time the Apple Watch detects your heartbeat’s stopped it might be too late. Apple products kind of exist to help people find the isolation they seek in the modern world. MedicSignal, is an anti-isolation watch, essentially, a social framework that seeks connection to people and it cares about connecting with the right people.”

MedicSignal seeks to expand the conversation about medical alerts. Usually it’s about health only, but it needs to include the importance of freedom and autonomy. Some smart watches on the market help people who might be in an emergency medical situation. The designers of these watches may have accounted for the medical aspect – but they’ve done nothing to address the freedom and autonomy of the person wearing the watch.

How can one prevent a smartwatch from becoming a smart leash? How can one make sure the smart watch he chooses combines the independence he wants with the safety he needs? How can one ensure that he will not sacrifice his liberty for medical safety? How can he get both?

So far, every medical alert solution on the market has focused on the physical aspects of health. But in doing so, they’ve taken decisions about safety out of the hands of the people they’re supposed to protect. This is not just a question of personal dignity, but of how a person thinks about living his life in any circumstance of potential frailty or health and safety.

“We can now respond quickly to medical needs – but how much are we letting computers decide when people should be called? How much are we taking decisions about your own life and safety out of your own hands?” says John Hookway, Founder.

MedicSignal has a unique solution to this problem: its “swipe” approach to medical alerts. The creators of MedicSignal offer something they hope will change the conversation.

“I was thinking about the problem of caregiving,” says MedicSignal CEO and Founder John Hookway. “I realized that all the caring options available simply treated the wearer like a body and checked to see what that person’s physical responses were. None of the solutions treated the wearer like a person.”

MedicSignal’s advanced processor – with 16 gigs of memory and independent internet access – operates with the power of the newest smartphones. The waterproof watch offers a choice of elegant watch faces, along with a delightfully intuitive interface that’s as simple to use as smacking the snooze button on an alarm clock. The watch regularly checks the wearer’s heartbeat. In the event of a non-response from the user, it sends a medic alert with the watch’s GPS location to everyone the wearer wants to alert.

The MedicSignal service can be sampled by downloading the smartphone App from the website.

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