Park By Plate Innovates Parking Permit Procedures at Managed Properties

Washington, DC – Nov 6, 2020 – Visitor parking is always at a premium and it’s become a nightmare, particularly for property managers during the COVID-19 pandemic. To provide touchless service and eliminate the time-consuming process of issuing passes, many properties have installed expensive kiosks. Park By Plate offers an innovative solution to the problem that’s affordable, effective, and totally touchless.

Park By Plate is a fully virtual answer that addresses parking challenges at managed properties with no kiosk required. The parking platform utilizes QR codes that enable residents and visitors to register and pay for parking without the need to download an app. Park By Plate is a kiosk killer that offers a streamlined process and is replacing parking kiosks around the world.

To obtain a parking permit, visitors normally need to visit the leasing office. It’s not only inconvenient for visitors, it also takes time away from staff efforts to keep units leased. Many offices are maintaining limited hours or have closed due to the pandemic, which means the concierge may not be available. With Park By Plate, those situations no longer apply.

To combat the labor-intensive task of issuing temporary parking permits, many managed properties have installed old-fashioned kiosks. They’re expensive to purchase, difficult to maintain, need a consistent Internet connection, and require a constant source of power.

Kiosks are at the mercy of power outages, often run out of paper for printed permits, and are a target for vandalism. They’re inconvenient for individuals that must go the machine, enter their credit card information, and retrieve the printed pass to display on their vehicle – all of which also increases the potential for COVID-19 exposure.

Park By Plate is simple and convenient for property management staff, residents and visitors, and enforcement agents. Park By Plate clients are provided with an auditor’s log that clearly displays those that have parking privileges based on the licensor’s plate on their mobile device. The company’s system operates with QR codes to prevent fraudulent permits and there’s no need for property management officials to physically read each permit on a vehicle’s dash.

The parking permit system offered by Park By Plate operates via modern and convenient QR codes in a cloud-based virtual realm. There are no machines to maintain and no apps to download. Property managers have complete access and control through their own dashboard for customization that accommodates individual needs.

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We’ve designed the most effective cloud-based parking management solution for any private property. Never issue a parking permit again. With Park By Plate, your license plate is your permit. We specialize in data-driven license plate recognition software designed to optimize your property’s parking experience.

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