The Top 3 Most Innovative Companies in 2022

Here are 3 companies and their leaders currently blazing the path and creating change through innovation.

After scouring the latest and greatest, we have come up with the top companies who are using tech to solve big problems and create change. These companies have developed a concept, technology, or a combination of the two, to help take their company and humanity a step further in the right direction.

Here are the top three most innovative companies in the country, the leaders who have developed the companies, and some information about how they are applying their tech to create an exceptional impact.

#3 MIT45 Implementing the Use of Interactive Sales Cards

Sales teams in most companies have been using the same old technology for decades. It’s not unusual for the latest new “gadget” to the enterprise Salesforce software. However, a company that is making huge advances in their industry and has their competitors running scared is a company called MIT45 based in Salt Lake City, UT. They have implemented and developed a first in the industry – digital sales cards. While similar ideas have been used before, they are taking it to a completely new level and providing up-to-the second updates to their vendors and suppliers. This helps to deliver massive value to their partners while cutting a large amount of waste (both in costs and time). More than likely this new tech will catch on like wildfire as it immediately impacts the bottom line.

The digital sales card looks innocuous enough. It can be “handed” to any prospect (any kind of prospect) via a QR code, by tapping phones together, a text link, or half a dozen other methods. The technology was developed originally by Elify, but the marketing team at MIT45 has taken it to a new level. One of the main ways MIT45 is implementing this is to better serve vendors and partners by maintaining a price list that is updated in real time. This way vendors can have up-to-the-second pricing so they can make intelligent decisions and place orders (no more waiting for updated pricing or wasting trees to send an updated catalog to their vendor’s door months later).

Another feature that sets this tech apart from other’s attempts, is it allows infinite customization and tracking. It can take anyone through a specific sales process (including videos, website pages, and many more) to customize the flow down to the individual, plus you can track everything they did so you know how best to follow up with the individual prospect. This is a game changer for a sales team and provides the ability to create the pinnacle of a sales experience.

These latest advances are largely due to the new CEO, Ryan Niddel, who has been spearheading the push for change including implementing new technology to help the sales reps reach new levels of growth while working smarter. Having built a reputation of quickly growing companies to reach massive new profit levels, he is now working his magic with MIT45. The improvements from this new strategy alone should result in 8-figures in additional revenue this year for this fast-growing company. This is just one of the new innovations this company has implemented and setting a new standard in their industry.

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#2 Simprints Helping Poverty Stricken Areas with Identification

Simprints is helping solve one of the largest issues in poverty-stricken areas of 3rd world countries. By utilizing fingerprints and electronic readers they can build a database and provide transparency and tracking for vaccinations and healthcare, proper use of aid and donations, and much more.

The contactless biometrics solution has been developed to guide the users through a simple image capture process from the mobile phone. It has already been extensively tested with users in Kenya and Tanzania ensuring real world friction testing.

Toby Norman, the CEO of Simprints, has built his reputation as an entrepreneur for social change – making the 2016 Forbes 30 Under 30 Entrepreneur. He recently stated, “There have been studies that have shown that of over $2.3 Trillion dollars that we’ve spent on aid, huge percentages of that got lost. I’ve seen statistics anywhere from 20 percent to 69 percent of that never actually making it to its intended recipients.”

With the help of proper identification and tracking, many impoverished areas of the world can see improvements through multiple avenues, with immediate improvements to the accurate use of donations to help service those intended. It can also help alleviate many health concerns and provide accurate healthcare treatment and tracking to those who don’t currently have the ability.

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#1 Bento is Helping Alleviate Food Insecurity

Bento was founded to help an estimated 50 million people in the U.S. facing hunger and food insecurity. The startup, recently spun off from Not Impossible Labs, sought to improve and update the food bank to modern times. Instead, Bento (whose aim is to bring greater efficiency and dignity to the process) turned to text messaging. Qualified individuals get access to the service through community organizations by typing “order” into their phone. Then, through an automated conversation, they can choose from a curated list of healthy options offered by participating restaurants and grocery stores where they can then go and pick it up.

Bento has facilitated more than 160,000 meals for more than 3,000 individuals to date. They are currently in the process of developing the ability to scale to 1 million meals per month. With a future vision of effecting better health outcomes, the company’s text-messaging will go beyond food, and help users with transportation, chronic disease management programs, job training, and other services as well.

The Co-founder & CEO of Bento, Mick Ebeling, has developed a long track record of innovation and creating change. As honored twice by TIME Magazine for “Top Invention of the year”, among multiple other honors, he has pushed along a path of change (primarily through implementing tech to solve big problems). His mantra to keep pushing is “Commit and Figure It Out.” Taking huge leaps has become his calling card, and Bento is the latest example of this in action.

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