The YourAlgo trading app – the next level of robot trading

Forex Robots have become extremely popular over the years due to their ability to provide traders with instant trading plans, of which robots can execute flawlessly and without emotion, and do so 24/7.

In fact, some 60% of forex traders use some kind of algorithm. Many professional traders are even dependent on them – according to expert advisors in the robot/EA industry.

With that said, steep prices associated with premium bots; necessary add-ons such as Virtual Private Server (at $20 per month); the need for constant monitoring (never mind as poor communication and a lack of vital updates) are seemingly putting market players off.

What people also forget is that, in order to successfully use robots – trading skills are required. Knowledge about the ins-and-out of a specific strategy is crucial.

And so, it begs the question – do you actually know what the robot does? This is where Youralgo steps in.

Youralgo created a platform where expert advisor developers offer their algorithmic trading signals (robots) to investors. They do this with their own live account, resembling a MAM account. Investors do not have to purchase an EA or VPS. It’s simply a case of ‘click and copy’.

While copy trading is not something new, Youralgo has created a sophisticated FCA regulated app where investors can select any strategy they wish, and yet still have a say in the management of the risk parameters themselves. This means that they still have full control.

What’s more – the accounts are real, they’re funded and only 50 strategies are shown (likely the best-performing ones, too.)

For EA developers, it offers a chance to become a regulated money manager and prove that their robot strategy is profitable. The fact they use their own money only helps to shift the good robots from the scammers.

All support members are specialized in robot trading and can help along the way.

Downloading the app is completely free. After downloading the app (IOS or Android) you can test and follow any strategy for as long as desired.

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