Unlocking the Soul – New Age Spiritualism Documentary with AI Art – Now on Tubi TV

Can New Age Prophets reveal the hidden nature of our souls? This 142-minute documentary film dives into the lives and findings of five particularly prolific and credible spiritual experts from the past century:

  • Three mediums: Edgar Cayce, Jane Roberts, and Paul Selig
  • Two pioneers of regression hypnotherapy: Michael Newton and Dolores Cannon

Their shocking conclusions have practical implications for how we understand our lives, the death process, reincarnation, and the ascendent destiny of humankind.

Filmmaker Rob Cimperman uses hundreds of cutting-edge works of A.I. Art (using the MidJourney AI platform) to help viewers visualize soul and spirit-world concepts in a way never before possible. This film appeals to fans of paranormal and self-help documentaries, but also to millions of readers of the 5 featured experts and their highly-engaged communities.

“As a management consultant for over 20 years, my job is to make sense of complex questions and explain them in simple terms so clients can make their own decisions based on the best information. I spent a dozen years researching spirituality with this objective outsider perspective, not bogged down by religion or dogma. What I found will inform you, shock you, convince you, and ultimately provide you with practical tools to connect with your eternal soul and prepare to ascend to the New Earth that awaits us.” – Rob Cimperman, Filmmaker

Topics include: reincarnation, the death process, the spirit world, life reviews, soulmates, meeting the Council of Elders, the learning plane, planning the next life, the hierarchy of frequencies, free will, karma, time, challenging lives, contacting the living, creativity, love, health, healing, Jesus, the Christ Consciousness, and the prophesized New Earth, or 5th Density Earth.


Cimplify Films is an independent creator of original films in the Washington, D.C., area. We leverage all available tools to communicate profound information and stories that will advance humanity. We’re most interested in projects related to the soul, the supernatural, ESP, the New Earth, and the story of those who can lead us into the unknown.

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  • Cimplify Films
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