Optimize Leverage: Introducing Hawaii’s Secret Direct Response Marketer and Mentor


Pearl City, HI USA March 22, 2017- Patrick Hebert is the CEO of Optimize Leverage and YouInc Marketing. He also co-hosts the podcast show called “No More Mister Nice Guys”. Patrick has networked and strategized with a lot of great leaders, both online and offline to help grow their business. He is well trained in almost every aspect of online marketing and has successfully trained hundreds of clients from all walks of life. Patrick has been in the industry since 2011, and today he reveals his journey to successful mentorship, and how his training methodologies resonate with people.

Behind every successful movie, there is a crew that plays a vital role in making a great movie. This crew comprises of people like SFX personnel, camera men, stunt men and women, etc. However, most often, the audience only remembers the names of actors and directors, and knows very little about the people who were behind the scene. Patrick is one of such individuals who kept a low profile while helping several entrepreneurs and business owners gain success in their business endeavors.

When asked about why does he tend to shy away from the spotlight? His response was: “When I started to work online I was an active duty military member. Also at the time I was very new in the industry and was really learning a lot of thing about myself.  As I became better, I really tried to stay small in business due to my military career. I knew no matter what, my primary job was to serve my country.  I also felt a sense of freedom being low key and that allowed me to grow more and to help my clients”.

He also noted that after doing a few speaking engagements, he realized that he didn’t wanted any public speaking to interfere with his military career, so he shifted his focus towards private webinars and high ticket mentorship training.

When asked what makes his training resonate with people on so many levels? Patrick commented: “I give a lot of credit to the military where I learnt true leadership skills and was given the opportunity to work with people from all over the world. Also, as much as I train and speak to others, I never turn off my ability to listen.”

iTunes Podcast: No More Mister Nice Guys

Specifically, some of the key online marketing aspects Patrick specializes in are: Direct Response Marketing, High Ticket Client Mentorship (mentorship and training to coaches on how to easily start a High Ticket Selling Program), Sales Funnel Optimization, Lead Generation, Traffic Optimization and Conversions.

For more information, visit: http://optimizeleverage.com

About Patrick Hebert

Patrick Hebert is an author, speaker, mentor, high ticket strategist and direct response marketer who had been secretly behind the scene helping others grow their business online since 2011. He is the CEO of “YouInc Marketing” and “Optimize Leverage” and Co-Host of the No More Mister Nice Guys Podcast Show.

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