Southeast Asia trading platform simplifies multi-asset trading

MBAex, Southeast-Asia’s biggest platform for blockchain assets-trading, simplifies the integration of multi-blockchain assets trading into a highly secured yet flexible cryptocurrency trading platform and ecosystem.

The commencement of the new fiscal year 2018 brings about new enhancements to the official trading website of MBAex –, whereby deployment of the website with new layout, newly enhanced features and the integration of Coin-to-coin (C2C) transactions greatly improved user experience. These changes are necessary as MBAex is constantly upgrading its facilities and adding more back-end support to provide more value to MBAex’s customers. Also, we are employing more help-desk personnel to serve the major markets in Southeast-Asian countries such as Indonesia, Thailand, Vietnam and The Philippines, while expansion programs are gradually being deployed in Korea and Japan.

The timing of the MBAex’s website re-launch is also a highly strategic move to benefit from the explosive growth of cryptocurrency trade from the third and fourth quarter of 2017, which have seen the popularity of blockchain assets trading booming across enterprises and various industries.

New Website Revamp

The new website incorporated Coin-to-coin (C2C) trades and transactions as one of the major highlights. The trading of cryptocurrencies has become one of the mainstream modes of blockchain asset trading, as BTC, USDT and ETH are the mainstream cryptocurrencies being traded in mass volumes. During this stage, USDT had risen to prominence, becoming one of the hottest blockchain asset in the cryptocurrency exchange market with its value being pegged with the US dollar. To enable traders from across continents to trade USDT promptly and conveniently in their respective countries, this brand new C2C transaction function enables transaction with USDT was officially launched on January 9, 2018. This is to support MBAex platform users to trade and exchange coins seamlessly via USDT.


Our goal supports areas of the market that are underserved with strong demand and projected growth in the blockchain industry ($8 Billion by third quarter of 2024), across an array of multi-billion dollar sectors such as Food & Beverage, Wine, Automotive, Arts & Crafts, Legal Services, Digital Marketing, etc. These sectors and more will experience market disruption with the utilization of blockchain technology.

C2C Fast Facts

MBAex’s C2C (Coin-to-coin) *function refers to the USDT transaction of cryptocurrencies between users.

For example, when a user trades his/ her USDT with another user, it is known as a C2C transaction.

Essentially, MBAex’s global blockchain asset trading platform serves as a secured and reliable platform to enable peer-to-peer (P2P) trade exchange to occur.

This would involve two parties:
(1) Traders; and
(2) Users.

(1) Traders buy and/or sell USDT via the C2C transaction.
(2) Users buy and/ or sell USDT via traders.

C2C Functions

To fulfil the supply and demand chain of trading USDT.

MBAex’s C2C functionality enables members to seamlessly participate in more asset trading and perform transactions with USDT effortlessly.

The platform also serves to enable all traders to execute trades faster with more secured and seamless transaction orders, with quicker response rate and without delays. This new function also helps in solving most users’ primary concern – problems with cashing out. MBAex’s platform is a certified and secured business platform, with a 24-hour customer support team (bilingual) to attend to enquiries.

MBAex shall review all trader’s capital capability and credibility prior to approval and eligibility. Interested traders are to submit their personal details, inclusive of personal contact, identification documents, personal profile, digital asset ownership and blockchain asset transaction information to

All application reviews will be conducted and approved within a 24-hour period.

MBAex always adhere to provide secure, comprehensible and reliable product experience.

This service is currently available in China and Malaysia only, and will gradually expand into Southeast-Asian markets in the coming months.

Marketing Strategy

MBAex will penetrate the market through online social media networks, developer relations, corporate sales, conventions, roadshows and tradeshows, and start-up services ranging from advisory to financing to development.

To achieve this, the Team and go to market protocols are assigned across a geographic emphasis, with market managers across continents; Asia, USA and Europe. The role of the market manager is primarily concerned with the localization issues, and second the specific market tailored offerings.

Marketing Activities involved – roadshows and trade-show seminars

With approximately 300 in attendance per session, the attendees are filtered from databases and highly targeted audience group which are well-versed with the cryptocurrency trade. Seminars will be conducted on a bi-weekly basis, covering the Southeast-Asian region, Taiwan, Hong Kong and Singapore. (Korea and Japan in the pipeline).

MBAex is also actively scouting for active traders to become advisors and partners through a collaborative program. Also, MBAex is in the process of securing more coin-foundations to become an official partner within the MBAex corporation.

Media Contact
Company Name: MBAEX
Contact Person: Victor Yong
Phone: +6012-599-2336
Country: Singapore