Smitco Releases Pop Beads for Happy Screen-Time-Free Summer

Belton, Missouri, USA – May 8, 2019 – Smitco LLC, the creator of top-rated toys for little girls released its newest product, Pop Beads. In time for the 2019 school vacation, this new toy set transforms hyperactive and mobile-device-addicted kids into creative and expressive little designers.

Pop Beads is quickly emerging as a parent favorite during its pre-launch at Amazon, and that’s due to one big reason. Not every day do parents encounter simple tech-free toys that can entertain kids for hours and hours, while at the same time also enhances their creativity and physical ability. Add to that the relief from parents because the beads keep small children, particularly little girls, from spending unhealthy hours in front of a computer or phone screen. No wonder parents everywhere are now placing their orders even before the product’s official launch.

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Smitco LLC is the go-to online store for parents and grandparents who are on a hunt for that unique and memorable gift for kids. To date, Smitco LLC, a 100% American-owned business, has already helped thousands of parents by delivering fun toys and memory keepsakes.

What sets this new sensory toy set apart from similar products online is its durable quality and safety. “SMITCO’s Pop beads are not only safe for kids, with lots of different shapes, textures, and colors which all help develop various skill sets in preschool kids, but the action of snapping the beads together help improve fine motor skills as well,” said Francina Smit, CEO, and founder of Smitco.

If there’s one preschool skill that sets kids ahead from most children their age, it’s their fine motor ability. Unlike with previous generations who were not as exposed to digital devices, hand strength is fast becoming the most common problem area for kids 3-7 years old.

For most little kids, writing has become a chore. More and more children nowadays don’t have enough motor skill and patience to write legibly – they quickly get bored and frustrated. We can partly blame it on digital devices. For these kids, everything’s accessible on-screen at literally one click. And because these digital devices are everywhere, parents are left without options. That’s where children’s crafts come in handy. Pediatric therapy specialists recommend toys such as Pop Beads because it keeps kids engaged for hours while also helping them to strengthen their finger and hand muscles. Pop Beads also stimulate a small child’s visual and creative ability, offering hundreds of colorful mix and match options.

With Pop Beads, it’s exciting to create something new and unique each day. And with its 725 individual connecting pieces, even older siblings and parents can come and play. As with Lego and clay toys, Pop Beads helps children to focus, to concentrate, to express their emotions and to connect with their playmates. Fine motor toys provide a sense of accomplishment – ultimately promoting a child’s confidence.

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