Biid Tongue Scraper Eliminates Three Major Causes of Bad Breath and Odor

Rancho Santa Margarita, CA – April 5, 2021 – At no time in history has the importance of oral health reached such awareness as in the 21st century and tongue scrapers are an integral element in the pursuit of fresh breath. The Biid tongue scraper was developed as an essential aid for maintaining oral hygiene and mitigating bad breath for an increased sense of confidence.

Biid is a tongue scraper that removes bacteria, food particles and dead cells for long lasting fresh breath. A cleaner tongue results in an improved sense of taste, reduced gum disease and fewer cavities for a professional level of clean. Highly effective, it’s been featured on multiple broadcast media that includes ABC, CBS, FOX News and NBC.

The Biid tongue scraper removes 92 percent of bad breath causing bacteria. The use of a tongue scraper is dentist-approved and four out of five dentists recommending its regular use. In addition to bacteria, bad breath can be the result of health conditions, certain medications, and some foods, along with tobacco products, dry mouth or a yeast infection. The Biid helps in all of those situations.

A full 84 percent of individuals have bad breath, even after using mints and mouthwashes, but don’t even know it. A normal, healthy tongue is pink, but it can develop a coating that appears whitish or yellowish in color due to build up. The Biid tongue scraper eliminates the major cause of bad breath in less than 20 seconds with gentle scraping.

Everyone has a natural gag reflex and some are more sensitive than others. Many people discover when they first begin using a tongue scraper that their gag reflex is activated. This will diminish over time. Individuals should begin by scraping the front half of their tongue and gradually working their way to the back of the tongue until they’re comfortable.

Biid removes 45 percent more odor-causing bacteria and debris than a toothbrush. The Biid is easy to clean with a 70 percent or higher solution of alcohol and it’s also dishwasher safe. Biid is the modern solution to eliminate bad breath and improve oral health.

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About Biid

The team behind Biid cares about one thing – fresh breath. They know that most people don’t realize they have bad breath, that’s Biid has stepping up in bringing awareness to what truly matters. One’s breath is a bigger deal than one can imagine. It affects confidence and ability to communication with others. It also harms one’s oral and overall health.

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