Golden Intelligence School Accepts Registration for Master Negotiator Program

Feb 8, 2021 – The ability to negotiate and successfully resolve conflicts is an essential skill, but few have the time to explore the psychology of multiple theories. The Golden Intelligence² School™ has the modern-day solution with an executive-level training program in negotiation and conflict resolution training for professionals to become expert negotiators.

The Golden Intelligence² School™ is the only conflict resolution and negotiation training program designed for professionals and executives that explains the process and procedures in clear and easy to understand language. Individuals learn techniques and methods that they can begin to use immediately to become successful negotiators.

The program was developed by Jamie Nuich, the leading authority on special intelligence in negotiation and conflict resolution. The Golden Intelligence School breaks through the fallacy that negotiators must have a law degree or years of specialized education to successfully negotiate or resolve conflicts. The program provides practical guidance, along with the ready-made tools and resources to succeed.

Individuals have access to the 30 Core Intel² Concepts™ that facilitates learning and retention of the ideas and information presented. The program is particularly beneficial for those that typically avoid conflict whenever possible. Ready-made scripts and tools are provided that individuals can use until they begin to feel confident in their abilities.

The fear of litigation, and conversely the overreliance on litigation, prevents many people from becoming strong negotiators. The lessons taught in the program are litigation-proof and draws upon real world lessons learned from multiple sources that includes litigation, politics and even military history. Individuals will also learn the techniques used by master orators and statesmen.

The Golden Intelligence² School™ is appropriate for entrepreneurs, general managers, and upper-level executives, along with government officers, medical and military personnel, and future lawyers. Anyone that’s responsible for decision making within a company or organization will find the program advantageous.

The next session of the Golden Intelligence School will run June 1-30, 2021. Only 500 participants are accepted for each session and individuals can submit their registration now. Anyone that’s not completely satisfied has access to a 100 percent money back guarantee.

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About The Golden Intelligence² School™

The Golden Intelligence² School™ is the world’s only special intelligence training program in complex negotiations, deal-making and disputes. It includes strategies and tools backed by over 1000GB of intel2 on human dynamics.

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