Greater Texas Billing Offers Specialized Solutions for Medical Billing, Collection

Dallas, TX – Feb. 15, 2021 – Revenue cycle management (RCM) is important for more than paying the bills. It enables medical professionals to purchase supplies, obtain equipment, expand, and offer a greater number of services to patients. Greater Texas Billing is a cutting-edge RCM that has been able to increase revenues for multiple facilities in the Texas area.

Greater Texas Billing provides complete RCM services to maximize collections, accelerate cash flow, and reduce denials for health care providers. The firm provides end-to-end revenue cycle management for greater productivity that saves money for clients. The firm provides solutions to the biggest problems that health care facilities encounter.

Patient eligibility is one of the biggest problems facing medical professionals due to fraud and suspended or lapsed insurance. Verifying insurance eligibility, benefit authorization, and medical necessity prior to scheduling the first visit is essential. Greater Texas Billing has the resources to significantly reduce claim rejections and denials.

The patient encounter encompasses more than seeing the practitioner and walking out the door. The services provided by Greater Texas Billing ensure the patient encounter includes copay collection, that patients know their balance, and they present their insurance cards for additional verification. This step of the patient encounter also includes coding, the procedure, and diagnosis classification, all of which is essential for billing.

Clean claim submission is the key to timely remittance. Greater Texas Billing utilizes proprietary technology to scrub claims for first-pass acceptance. The firm has a 98 percent clean claim rate that reduces rejections and resubmissions to maximize revenues. Highly-skilled professional medical coders review claims, correct errors, and manage denials and the appeal process.

The firm’s ERA to HIPAA-compliant and hospital information system submits all claims electronically, tracks them, and posts payments in a timely manner for increased cash flow. The system identifies the most common reasons for denials to prevent them from occurring in the future. Easy and flexible patient payment options are provided for patients. Coding, auditing and compliance services are available.

Greater Texas Billing provides clients in physical and mental health businesses with real-time reporting and analytics for complete transparency. The firm provides a one-stop solution for the pre-visit, patient encounter, and post-visit RCM. The result is increased revenues, improved cash flow, and overall savings for health care professionals.

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Greater Texas Billing is founded on the basis of revenue amplification. They are renowned for their results-oriented approach to revenue cycle management and billing. They are a multi-specialty revenue cycle management firm, working with some of the nation’s leading institutions. Lauded for their thorough approach to collections, they are known for leaving no stone unturned for the highest levels of efficiency, professionalism, accuracy, and world-class service.

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