Humanity is the Genre: A brand new compilation with a broad creative focus

A collaboration between Haven Studios (Guitars Over Guns), students and alum from the Audio Arts and Acoustics Department at Columbia College Chicago, and Electric Train Records.

March 19, 2021 – Humanity is the Genre is an upcoming compilation project. This release will be available in April this year. It will feature an eclectic selection of artists, exploring different styles and paving the way to a solid musical identity, which is diverse yet united. As the title of the compilation might imply, real art is not about favoring a genre over another: we are all human, and we all can feel, create, and be spontaneous. In other words…humanity is the genre, the only one that matters! This compilation release is going to feature nine bands. These artists have one common goal: promoting unity. 

“Humanity is the Genre captures the spirit of collaboration for a cause. Effectively showcasing the talents of professionals and students working together to create a project to help those in need. Truly special!” – Thomas Joyce, Student Advisor, Columbia College 

This is a very noble endeavor in this particular day and age, especially when you consider the difficult times the world has been going through right now. With all the current social and political tensions in the world today, things might seem quite bleak. Freddie Bell, President of Electric Train Records indicated that this project was created as a direct response to all the division, hatred, and political tension we witnessed in 2020. “I was sick and tired of the division. I wanted to create something that brought us all together.”

Art is a force for good, and the nine bands involved in this amazing compilation project were able to recognize that. These artists are tired of experiencing all the divisiveness and social injustice in light of the tragic and disturbing events that happened last summer. This compilation advocates equality and freedom, and it’s all about spreading hope for all people. This release is a perfect example of how people of all races and walks of life can come together for a good cause. 

Find out more about this project, and do not miss out on the release of Humanity is the Genre, which is going to be available on 04/30/20201, on Spotify, Apple Music and all other digital platforms. Pre save link: 

The compilation is going to be released by Electric Train Records and distributed through The Orchard / Sony. Proceeds will be donated to Haven Studios in Chicago, IL, through Guitars Over Guns, another remarkable non-profit organization. 

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