Leadership Amidst the Chaos, Author Allan B. Samson Launches New Motivational Book About Leadership, 9/11 & The Life Lessons Learned

Norwalk, CT – There are giants among us. Seemingly every day, ordinary people transform into heroes before our very eyes. On 9/11, many transformations took place, many who answered the call of humanity. Allan B. Samson is one of those giants. In his new inspirational book, “All That I’ve Learned While Answering the CallMaking the Most out of Life’s Lessons Under Ordinary and Extraordinary Circumstances,” Samson chronicles the events of that fateful time that changed his life.

He also gives the reader a peek into his young life as an African American male growing up in Brooklyn, NY. He was blessed with four siblings and a devoted, hard-working mother who single-handedly raised them. Allan anecdotally shares some of the pivotal events that shaped his character. He learned valuable life lessons and leadership skills early on from various influencers that stayed with him in his later years. He has since lived a life of serving and protecting American citizens and interests across the globe.

As we celebrate February as Black History Month, highlighting the positive aspects of Black leadership will take the forefront. Still, it quickly fades away until next February, only to be replaced with a dark shadow of negative media headlines that can haunt the Black community. Mr. Samson hopes his book demonstration of positive Black leadership excellence changes that narrative.

In his book Mr. Samson reflects on that day, 9/11, “All aspects of my life changed, my health was impacted, and I became a stronger person mentally because that day, I saw the very worst of humanity, but I also saw the very best in all those who volunteered to help total strangers. First responders showed that they are true heroes. I was a young leader but became a mature leader that day. I also realized that I was a natural leader.”

The enormity of the 9/11 attack called for clear, sharp-minded responses. Allan had to meet the call as the Supervisory Special Agent for the U.S. Postal Service Office of the Inspector General (USPS-OIG), New York Field Office. He and his team evacuated and rescued people via the NY waterways ferries from the impacted zone to New Jersey. Before the September 11th attacks, the ferries averaged around 32,000 passengers per day. On the day of the attacks alone, over 160,000 people crossed the Hudson from Manhattan to New Jersey. Their herculean effort provided comfort for the weary amidst a backdrop of chaos.   

Samson believes that there are those born to be leaders; however, they must also be trained, mentored, tutored, and nurtured to lead. He said, “As a leader, being able to prepare ordinarily mentally and physically for the unexpected and having contingencies for the unexpected helped me deal with the extraordinary chaos of 9/11. It’s not to say I expected a 9/11 event, but throughout my various leadership training, anticipating the ‛what if’ and staying calm was always the critical mental element. On that day, although I felt the massive pressure, I was able to compartmentalize the event, and mentally and physically, although exhausted, I was prepared and ready. Leaders should always play mind games, have a scenario to respond to the what-ifs, and be able to say, ‛what if this?’ Then I can or must do this or that. On 9/11, I did that. I have learned that when later turns to now, when tomorrow turns to today, when ‘I can’ turns to ‘I did,’ and when ‘I might’ turns to ‘I will,’ I must act – not the next day, but now. I can. Therefore, I must.

“All That I’ve Learned While Answering the Call, Making the Most out of Life’s Lessons Under Ordinary and Extraordinary Circumstances,” written by Allan B. Samson, is available on Amazon as a paperback; the eBook version is also available on Amazon, Apple Books, and Kobo.

For more information, please contact Allan B. Samson at Email: imustmotivationalleadership@gmail.com or visit Website: http://imustmotivationalleadership.com  

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