Matthew Keezer Predicts Travel Will Change for the Better in 2021

When COVID-19 pandemic first broke out, one of the first measures taken was to ban all travelling. Almost a year later, international travel restrictions are still in place and many people are unable to visit their favorite destinations. Matthew Keezer shares his personal predictions about travel in 2021.

Travel Will Never Be the Same

Matthew Keezer points out that travel will never be the same again. In 2021, all those who would like to visit another country will probably need to have a proof of testing or vaccination status.

This is not something new; the Carte Jaune, or the yellow card, has existed for decades and it is meant to show one’s vaccination status against yellow fever. In addition to proof of vaccination, countries could even start issuing new travel passes indicating that a person has been vaccinated against COVID-19.

In addition, it is expected that airports, train stations, and bus stations will utilize rapid testing to alleviate risks for everyone. Since hygiene plays a crucial role in preventing COVID-19 from expanding, it is believed that stricter hygiene practices will become the norm the norm in public spaces and modes of transport such as airlines, trains, and buses.

The Rise of ‘Revenge Travel’

People all over the world have spent most of 2020 unable to leave their cities, let alone countries. Matthew Keezer expects that 2021 will be the year of ‘revenge travel.’ Being at home for months has left thousands of people with a pent-up urge to travel.

Personal travel will undoubtedly be on the rise in 2021, especially because many people managed to save some money. Numerous families kept their steady income during the pandemic and they reduced their spending by working from home, resulting in greater savings.

More Mindful Travel

In the past couple of years, people were mostly interested in visiting big cities all over the world and the most popular tourist destinations. This trend will probably change in 2021. Due to COVID-19, travelers will probably opt for more isolated spaces that are lesser known and can promise comfort and safety.

Destinations such as the Nabatean ruins of Al Ula in Saudi Arabia, the trekking trails of Nepal, and the beaches of Kaplankaya in Bodrum, Turkey might emerge as “alternatives” to mainstream destinations known for attracting millions of visitors from all over the world. These relatively unexplored destinations will ensure authentic experiences and more mindful travel.

In addition, people will probably seek for alternative accommodation. Instead of staying at busy, large hotels, travelers are quite likely to opt for private accommodation such as stand-alone villas, estates or even private islands that provide high-quality services and respect safety measures.

Road Trips Will Become Even More Popular

Road trips were always popular; driving in the car can be as exciting as flying across international borders. Even though airline companies follow safety procedures, Matthew Keezer expects that road-tripping will be the only feasible option for numerous travelers as a measure of precaution.

Matthew anticipates that road trips might even increase in popularity, due to the combination of the ease and safety of car travel and ability to socially distance.

Traveling will never be the same, but that doesn’t necessarily have to mean it will change for worse. While the pandemic is ongoing, people will have to take measures to prevent the virus from spreading. For that reason, countries will reject travelers who are not vaccinated or tested negative for COVID-19. In addition, strict hygiene practices and social distancing will remain the norm in all public spaces. However, thanks to all these changes, travelers will have to opportunity to visit relatively unexplored destinations and enjoy different modes of travel, such as road trips. 

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