Modern Wall Art Opens 2nd Islamic Art Gallery in Illinois

Illinois, United States – 8th July, 2020 – Modern Wall Art creates unique art pieces and opens 2nd gallery location.

Syed Rahman, owner of Modern Wall Art, is no novice when it comes to creating unique art pieces. His pieces are inspired by modern Islamic art and his surroundings. What started out as just a hobby in 2005 and trying to fulfill a personal need for his style of pieces has now become a global company.

He opened his first physical gallery in 2018 in Skokie, Illinois, which is his home so it was definitely the natural choice and he is happy with his decision.  It has been recognized as America’s first Islamic Art gallery and his artwork is also currently displayed at the Chicago History Museum making it the first time that Islamic Art has been exhibited in a museum in Chicago.  He now has a second gallery in Bridgeview, Illinois.

He has been designing his unique Islamic 3D décor and stainless steel art for quite some time now and his goal is to continue to grow and expand while also making new opportunities for as many businesses and artists so that they have the chance to do the same. He currently has one of the biggest Islamic Art websites in the world and also created the platform for other artists to sell their work. They want to create pieces that are unique while displayed and during the creation process, he thinks outside the box while keeping in mind the modern Islamic Art.

Each piece that he creates is customized and he works one-on-one with customers to create their dream product. He prides himself and his team on always being available to communicate.

Not only is he a great artist, but he also helps out with his community when he can. He uses his social media platforms to work with a variety of charity campaigns. During this COVID-19 period, he helped the poor and the elderly stock up on groceries, necessities, and medications. He was to help, inspire, grow, and expand in every which way and create new and innovative products other than wall art so that his audience can potentially grow. 

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