My Credit Approve Software Helps Thousands Fix their Credit in Just 2 Years

Indianapolis, IN – Feb 8, 2021 – Millions of people experience credit problems every year and the pandemic has exacerbated the problem. My Credit Approve is a new approach to credit repair that anyone can utilize to personally monitor, repair and maintain their credit without spending thousands on an intermediary.

“When someone takes their credit situation into their own hands with the goal of educating themselves, repairing their credit and then maintaining good credit, it’s the best scenario,” said Credit Coach Q (Quintel Sumrall), founder and CEO of My Credit Approve. “When you put in the work, you’re less likely to let things slip again. It’s really about establishing healthy financial habits.”

The cloud-based software is easy to use, sets up quickly, and My Credit Approve offers three customized options to accommodate individual needs and requirements. The four-step process to a better credit rating begins at just $29.99. Individuals will learn how to obtain their FICO credit scores, credit report, and credit monitoring for just $1. My Credit Approve provides individuals with more than 100 customized dispute letters created by experienced attorneys.

There are numerous situations that will negatively impact a credit rating and many of those are through no fault of the individual. According to the Federal Trade Commission, 1 in 5 people have at least one error on one of their credit reports. A bad credit report affects everything from interest rates to the cost of car insurance.

Compounding the problem is that there are three different credit reporting bureaus and none of those agencies share information. When applying for credit, an individual’s credit rating will depend on which credit reporting agency a potential lender utilizes.

A myriad of financial situations will lower a credit score. Those include bankruptcies, late or missed payments, income to debt ratio, a short or no credit history, closing credit cards or opening too many, and no diversity in credit sources. Wage garnishments and bills sent to a collection agency also damage a credit rating.

The My Credit Approve method places the power to fix credit scores in the hands of the individual. The company’s software is an effective and affordable way to repair damage that appears in any of the three credit reporting agencies and some individuals see improvement in as little as two months.

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About My Credit Approve

My Credit Approve was founded by Quintel Sumrall to help teach financial and self-help techniques to individuals facing credit problems. He’s worked as a credit repair specialist for over seven years, helping thousands of individuals achieve their credit goals. A native of Chicago, IL, and homeless for a time, he experienced first-hand effects of inter-generational financial ignorance. After pulling himself out of his dire financial straits, he made it his goal to educate and help others. With a motto of “Giving credit to whom credit is due,” My Credit Approve is on a mission to help improve the financial well-being of every American.

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