Pack Smarter, Train Harder… Introducing The Newest Portable Gym Anyone Can Enjoy at Any Time and Any Place

Are you one of the many people today who waste valuable time commuting to your regular training at a distant fitness gym? Thanks to GymOnMe, you now have a convenient solution to this daily dilemma—your own personal gym!

GymOnMe is the newest portable gym pack that offers an innovative, hassle-free gym experience in a single gym bag! Already an outdoor fitness enthusiast? You can now stop wasting your time trying to fit an entire gym with the wrong backpack because everything you’re looking for is right here!

GymOnMe is a revolutionary compact exercise equipment solution inspired by Ohad Roeh, the creator and owner of GymOnMe Personal Trainers. After a devastating accident and miraculous personal recovery, he has dedicated his life to spreading the knowledge of the incredible healing benefits of physical activity. He chose to make this impact with the birth of a revolutionary fitness product, a personal, portable, and highly effective gym bag!

The GymOnMe was creatively built to be exceptionally manageable and comfortable to carry on your back. Despite having substantial gym equipment, its weight is almost indetectable thanks to its novel design and advanced ventilation system. This genius product has a dramatic, visionary, attractive, minimalist, and futuristic design to provide its users with style. Moreover, it revolutionizes the overall concept of a gym, allowing for fitness flexibility at any time and place. The GymOnMe is the most innovative and practical invention within the fitness industry for modern, busy lifestyles.

• YKK 10mm Spiral Zipper – Reliable, dependable, and versatile TPU Branded.

• Zipper Puller – Heat resistant, chemically stable, and environmentally friendly.

• Nylon Webbing – Recognized across the world for its predominant strength.

• TPU Coated 600D Nylon Fabric – Weatherproof, water-resistant, and tearproof.

• 3D Air Polyester Mesh – A prime sportswear material with an airflow spacer design that results in comfortable equipment hanging at your back.

1. Classic Pack

For only $249, you can enjoy an original backpack ready for personalized gym gear of your own choice. This bundle is best recommended for people who already have complete gym equipment and are looking for an organized and stylish solution for comfortable transportation.

2. Advanced Pack

Additional to the GymOnMe bag itself, you will receive 15 accessories plus a free mesh bag with this bundle for only $349! This is intended for users who already have some necessary gears but are still seeking the expansion and wholeness of their gym collection.

3. Premium Pack

This bundle has a complete package for only $399! You will receive the GymOnMe bag, an additional 25 accessories, plus a free mesh bag with this bundle! It is intended for people who are so firey about their fitness journey that they choose to bring their entire gym everywhere they go!

GymOnMe will provide you with the best gym experience, not only in the comfort of your home but to any destination your heart desires. Your package will be shipped in the United States within 2-5 business days. In addition, GymOnMe permits you to enjoy a 100% satisfaction guarantee as you will be provided a refund for the product cost (excluding shipping fees) in the unfortunate event of receiving a damaged product.

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