Private Investigation Thailand Glove Scam Debt Recovery Needs Increase

Bangkok, Thailand – March 31, 2021 – Private investigations can take many forms and for Private Investigation Thailand Service Agency founder, Mike Green, one of his areas of expertise is helping clients with debt recovery from glove scams due to the COVID-19 pandemic. The agency has seen a major increase in scams and fraud involving counterfeit PPE and gloves and an escalated need for the agency’s expertise in that arena.

Private Investigation Thailand works on a variety of cases of fraud and scams in multiple areas, along with domestic, debt collection and insurance investigations. Green and his team also undertake civil document searches, corporate investigations and counter surveillance. The agency performs background checks, locates people, implements pre-matrimonial checks, and conducts business due diligence.

The agency’s connections encompass all levels of Thai society throughout the country, enabling it to achieve an elevated level of success. All Private Investigation Thailand (PIT) investigations are discreet and conducted with complete confidentiality. Crime, malfeasance and domestic issues take place around the clock. The agency is available 24/7 and handles dozens of cases each month in multiple areas of expertise.

Private Investigation Thailand is seeing an increasing number of cases in which clients are in need of debt recovery from glove scams. Shortages in PPE, disrupted supplies, and increased costs have made glove scams one of the most prolific and profitable frauds around the globe. Unfortunately, individuals need to understand that many of those perpetrating the fraud will never be caught. They’ll simply go underground to conduct additional scams or emerge in another area of fraud.

Whether clients are seeking debt recovery from legitimate businesses or relief from scams, domestic or insurance investigations, surveillance, or to find a missing person, Private Investigation Thailand has earned a reputation for obtaining results. The agency’s proprietary approach to investigation is customized to meet each client’s specific needs and circumstances.

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Mike Green is the founder of Private Investigation Thailand Service Agency. A former federal agent, he and his staff have combined investigative experience of over 30 years. The agency provides services in Thailand, Australia, the UK and United States.

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