Real estate investing blog just launched

A new blog dedicated to helping new & potential (and middle income) real estate investors get started is now live.

January 27, 2020 – is a blog dedicated to educating and informing new and prospective real estate investors. It features 100% original content, including a free spreadsheet download. Topics covered include crafting a real estate investing strategy, saving and managing money, building up your credit score, finding winning real estate investment properties, owning a vacation rental, negotiating real estate with sellers, renting apartments, managing investment real estate, working with real property management companies, optimising real estate investment rents, and many more topics.

“Ninety percent of all millionaires become so through owning real estate.” – Andrew Carnegie

The blog is divided into real estate investing, money management, recommended “must read” books that will help the new real estate investor. By recommending and reviewing real estate investing books, we’re able to provide a diverse set of opinions and expertise in addition to our own preferred strategies and methods.

In addition to buying and maintaining real estate investment properties, the blog also vets online real estate investment options and occasionally makes recommendations. While we recommend owning physical real estate, it isn’t for everyone who wants a simple solution. A lot of the risks and benefits to owning physical real estate can be done through investing in real estate online.

The blog also offers a free, downloadable spreadsheet that can be used to evaluate the cash flow of a potential investment property purchase. Creating, curating and sharing valuable resources to the real estate investing community is what we’re all about.

About Middle Class Mogul

Middle Class Mogul is a blog dedicated to helping real estate investors get started and thrive. It launched in January of 2020.

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