Teacherix, Inc. looking to raise funds for its New Online Teaching Platform

E-tutoring Platform to Cater to over 500 million Students Inconvenienced By Coronavirus around the World!

New York, NY – More than 5000% surge in demands for online tutoring after the coronavirus outbreak pandemic. The senior management of Teacherix is meeting with venture capitalists in a bid to secure funds for executing their new online learning platform. The platform is geared towards over 500 million students who are out of school due to Coronavirus outbreak.  As you might be aware, Coronavirus is outpacing the efforts of health experts to contain it, and more governments are feeling the need to restrict physical interaction, thus calling for schools to be shut down. For instance, in China, schools have been closed down until further notice, and there’s speculation that it could be for as long as the whole year! Students in Japan, South Korea, and the Uk have also had their studies interrupted. The US alone has witnessed over 50 million students out of school which could be for the rest of the school year. 

Staying out of school means that the students will fall back on their coursework, but even worse, it can ruin kids motivation for learning. Many of these affected students have started to take online classes so as to carry on with their studies.

Having kids sitting at home when they should be in school causes parents to worry, and many parents have reached out to Teacherix requesting for online-classes, just so that their children will carry on with their studies.

Teacherix is a powerhouse in all things education. More than 10000 accredited teachers are registered with the company. And so, Teacherix has given in to parents’ requests to launch a platform that will enable students to learn one-on-one with certified teachers through the internet. Most online-teaching websites only provide language studies. But Teacherix provides professional instructors that are experienced in all curriculums taught at international schools around the globe.

“We feel that we are at an advantage because the quality of our teachers is far superior to most of the sites that are operating today,” says Shan S. Haider, Founder & CEO of Teacherix, further adding, “Apart from ESL and language teachers, we cover almost all curriculum teachers on our site.”

As Coronavirus spreads across the world, more governments are expected to restrict school attendance, thus interrupting studies. Teacherix is providing an alternative medium of learning but the management is looking to make the platform as powerful as can be. The end goal is to have a platform that simulates classroom learning, so that kids may have quality education.  

Shan S. Haider, the CEO of Teacherix, is in contact with venture capitalists in both New York and Silicon Valley, looking to raise the funds for implementing this platform. The teachers registered with Teacherix have shown willingness and readiness to take on the challenge of tutoring kids who have been inconvenienced by the virus.

Aside from the fact that this initiative is providing a solution to affected kids, it would be remiss to not indicate that online-learning is the next big thing. It is flexible, affordable, and quick. Teacherix is building a strong platform that will encourage more people to consider signing up for online classes and continue learning online in addition to the traditional school learning even after the coronavirus pandemic has been solved. 

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