TeachinGuide Is the New Game Changer for Course Instructors to Succeed on Udemy

TeachinGuide Is the Innovative Research and Intelligence Tool That Helps Udemy Instructors Boost Their Profitability.

Zurich, Switzerland – TeachinGuide is a web-based platform that allows subscribers to gain access to valuable data and insights regarding the 150,000-plus courses offered on Udemy. It aims to help remote teachers create successful study programs on Udemy and maximize their profits.

COVID-19 has become a serious health issue globally, forcing schools and universities to move their educational activities from face-to-face teaching to online classrooms. More than 1.2 billion pupils worldwide have been affected by class suspensions due to the pandemic. While many nations are still struggling to curb the spread of the virus, students are likely to continue online learning indefinitely. This disruption to conventional schooling has accelerated the use of technology in the education sector. Since the pandemic outbreak, demand for education technology and global EdTech investment has surged, with the overall e-learning market projected to reach $350 billion by 2025.

Tapping into this amazing opportunity, TeachinGuide, a newcomer on the EdTech scene, is focused on helping online tutors succeed on large distance learning marketplaces such as Udemy. With so many programs currently available on Udemy, creating a lucrative Udemy curriculum that stands out from the crowd represents a challenge for many remote teachers. As a data and analytics platform, TeachinGuide has daily updated access to comprehensive data and insights, which it uses to furnish instructors with much-needed intelligence in order to promote their courses effectively.

The platform collects, analyzes and tracks Udemy courses’ data and translates it into actionable insights to help instructors better understand their target audience, the Udemy landscape and make informed decisions. It allows course segmentation to gauge the best-selling subject and identify need gaps. The interactive key-performance-indicator dashboard gives a clear overview of the instructor’s program performance on measurements such as engagement, search ranking and purchases. In addition, users can also monitor the performance of courses offered by other tutors to improve their competitive edge.

Moreover, the comprehensive keywords database is an indispensable tool for course developers. It shares meaningful information on the most sought-after keywords for each category, their ranking and trends, which is essential for building a great curriculum.

The user-friendly app has delighted the many subscribers it has gathered since its soft launch in 2018. Some shared:

“The instructor dashboard provides me with incredible information, all in one place, about the performance of my own courses, gives me deep insights into my competition and illuminates areas of opportunities for improving my course rankings and creating courses on new topics.”

“I have always wanted a service like TeachinGuide. Now I have it. If you want to succeed on Udemy, this is the #1 resource to get.”

“I can better understand the growth of my courses and see what I should improve. It’s wonderful to have all these amazing insights in only one place. And the best part is that, with just the keywords insights tool, I got my investment multiplied in just a couple of days.”

TeachinGuide dives into the Who, What, When and Where of the distance-learning marketplace and is an ideal tool for any online teacher who needs reliable intelligence to support their decisions throughout their journeys.

About TeachinGuide

TeachinGuide is a data and analytics platform that provides course research and analytics targeted at helping virtual instructors to succeed on Udemy. Its mission is to empower teachers to outperform their competition by translating course intelligence into insights to enhance their decision-making. The firm’s cutting-edge data reporting and analysis help curriculum developers build, monitor and evaluate their course performance and maximize their profitability.

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