USA wouldn’t be the USA it is today without the East Coast Founder of East Coast Magazines Joshua Pollitt tells why

Is it the tender, sweet Lobster Rolls you can find in Maine and Connecticut or the infamous Philly Cheesesteak in Philadelphia?

Maybe it’s the tourist attractions like Bar Harbor, Maine and Block Island, Rhode Island. Who landed themselves a spot on “The 10 Best Vacation Destinations on America’s East Coast” by Trips To Discover.

According to Joshua Pollitt Philadelphia, PA:

“Is one of the major cities on the east coast where part of America was born due to the revolutionary war. This is important to know because Americans should know of the significance of the thriving East Coast,” he said.

After he co-starred in the movie Camp Blood: First Slaughter he wanted to use more of his influence. He then founded East Coast Magazine. Most say it takes you on a journey through the expanding horizons of the East Coast lifestyle.

Joshua says, “It’s a magazine aimed towards displaying to the public’s eye the lifestyle of the East coast including its culture and all of what society’s like on the East coast.”

Most would agree that our why is what makes us thrive. From actor to founder of East Coast Magazine he shares what drove him to accomplishing the title “A Jack of All Trades”.

We asked him “What is your why?” He replied:

“My mother Gina Pollitt is the sole reason as to why I am working hard to become super successful in life. What she has done for my brother and myself goes unmatched. The measures she had taken just to remove my brother and I from the city of Camden into a better environment in north eastern Pennsylvania is one of the most unselfish moves that a mother could ever do for their children. It’s well respected to see a mother have to put her dreams and selfish ambitions to the side due to the responsibility of raising two young male children on her own and in uncharted territory. That’s leadership and it’s what my mother taught me and my brother. That’s the motivation I receive day in and day out to keep on keeping on. That’s the influence that gets me going to get others going. That right there is the important value of my life and what I live by in daily remembrance to keep going until I get to where I need to be. My mother is my inspiration in life.”

Mequoda Magazine Consumer Study says that 42% of adults that have internet access read digital magazines. In a tough industry we asked Joshua what makes him stand out he said:

“My discipline is what makes me way different from my competitors and others in the marketplace. My discipline alone have withstood many battles upon levels beyond what most others could even imagine sustaining. The level of tolerance I am willing to take on I personally feel is unmatched because of one personal weakness that most others especially my competitors have is the ego. My discipline which guides me in being able to listen to others is the only true form of empathizing with others that I know my competitors would never do. It requires much humility, it requires unselfishness, it requires the nature of stoicism, and it requires learning. As you grow and learn each of these  necessary steps towards growth you become just that. I have come to realize that I am not only cut from a different cloth but the cloth that I a cut from is rare and hard to find. In other words it’s a scarce supply so I am the the high demand.”

In conclusion if you’re wondering about east coast lifestyle then take yourself on a journey through East Coast Magazines.

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