Co-hosted by branding expert Shakira M. Brown, the podcast aims to help financial services firms “mean more” to clients!

Award-winning financial services client acquisition specialist Bill Walton, founder of Bill Walton Sales Training (, recently launched the Client Side Podcast ( to share strategies wealth management professionals can implement to acquire and retain more clients. Co-hosted by award-winning media and branding expert Shakira M. Brown and produced by SMB Strategic Media (, the podcast will cover how being a “thinking partner” and practicing the “joy of helping” can attract new prospects and offer more value to clients.

In the premiere episode “The $30 Trillion Chase,” Walton and Brown address the $30 trillion chase: the $30 trillion dollars that has begun to shift from one generation to the next as baby boomers pass on their legacies. Plus, discover how to “Mean more to clients” in Walton’s “Bill-ism” of the episode. Listen now and subscribe to hear future episodes at

With more than 20 years of experience helping financial services firms “mean more” to clients, Walton applies his expertise to help professionals in the wealth management industry win and retain more business who are often burdened with limited time and resources. Walton launched “The Client Side Podcast” to further share his signature “just add water” value added programs and live pipeline coaching approach with a larger audience. Along with his two books, Taming the Four-Headed Dragon and The Winning Way with Brian Tracy, the podcast aims to help professionals in wealth management, banking and insurance mean more to their clients.

“We’re in the midst of a massive shift in generational wealth, and wealth management firms need to be ready to shift their focus,” said Walton. “These companies need to avoid heading down a commodity path in their respective sectors. I’ve spent years helping businesses meet client expectations and aim to encourage a value creation approach – one that offers insight over product and service – through this podcast.”

The Client Side Podcast is recorded at IBIS Venue Center in Hamilton, NJ. Learn more about these professional meeting spaces by visiting

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About Bill Walton

Bill Walton is the CEO of Bill Walton Sales Training a Client Acquisition firm with over 20 years of experience in helping financial services firms “mean more” to clients. He has worked extensively in wealth management, banking and insurance as a sales coach, facilitator and author. Learn more about Bill Walton anddownload the free whitepaper “The New Era in Prospecting in Wealth Management” by visiting Visit his blog for even more tips on client acquisition at:

About Shakira M. Brown

Shakira M. Brown is an award-winning PR and marketing expert with over 20 years of experience leading communications strategies for various small and high growth corporations, public companies, celebrities, personalities and professional services firms. As a speaker, Shakira as “The Small Biz Whisperer” has addressed audiences of her peers in public relations around the country. Shakira is available for speaking engagements; please contact with inquiries.

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