HawkEye Electronics Announces Innovative Mount for Increased Versatility

Orlando, FL – May 29, 2018 – Fishing enthusiasts around the world are picking up their rods, checking their reels and heading out on their boats in search of a trophy-worthy catch.HawkEye® Electronics announced that it has added a ¼-20 female adapter at the bottom of each FishTrax housing that allows it to be mounted to any system.

Whether it’s fishing from shore, on the ice, a yacht or from float tubes, the depth and fish finders can be affixed to any surface with suction cup mounting brackets. It provides anglers with the means to enjoy their favorite sport from any platform. A mounting pad can also be created with the company’s 3M™ adhesive mounting plates or its weighted display mounting pad.

The lightweight adaptor quickly disconnects when the day’s outing is finished, providing complete versatility. The included transducer shoots through most hulls and it has multiple transom mounting options. Fishing aficionados can affix it to a non-porous surface permanently or utilize it with suction cups for fishing on the fly with complete accuracy.

HawkEye® Electronics also offers a 12-volt adapter that replaces an existing battery and enables it to operate from any 12-volt power source for portable-battery operated expeditions. It can be combined with the company’s transom-mounted transducer for high-speed readings.

Fishing has changed significantly over the years and individuals are no longer limited to standing on the shore, on a pier or fishing from a yacht. Today’s fishing devotees enjoy pitting themselves against their finned opponents from a wide variety of platforms. Anglers are throwing out their line from bridges, coastlines, inflatable tubes, stand-up paddleboard (SUP fishing), kayaks and canoes.

The waters from which individuals are fishing have also changed. Anglers no longer have to choose from lakes, stream or the ocean. The versatility of HawkEye® Electronics’ FishTrax options enables professionals and amateur fishing buffs to fish from the quietest backwaters and shoals or enjoy the thrill of a high-speed chase in open waters.

The ¼-20 female adapter on each FishTrax housing provides the versatility that anglers need and the accuracy they demand. The threaded adapter is what all fish and depth finder track mounts on the market utilize, making it a necessity for individuals at all skill levels.

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HawkEye® Electronics is a leading provider of fish finders, depth finders, electronic fish scales and hand-held depth finders utilizing state-of-the-art technology. Individuals can save 75 percent by purchasing the company’s recertified products and the company offers the HawkEye® TradeUp™ program in which customers can receive 25 percent off the purchase of a new HawkEye® product.

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