Introducing Master of Vacation Rentals: A Complete Guide on How to Become a Successful and Profitable Vacation-Rental Host

Palm Springs, CA, USA – November 7, 2018 –Master of Vacation Rentals is a comprehensive and easy to read guide to become a successful and profitable vacation-rental host on Airbnb or any platform. From finding and improving a property to using design, deals, pricing, and much more, author Jeff Pierce shows readers through true stories and examples how to achieve great reviews for profit and growth. He’s here to help by breaking down the hosting process into 10 simple steps for individuals to succeed and profit in the new home-sharing landscape. This book contains the insights people need to achieve financial rewards through satisfied guests. Jeff’s knowledge and experience has allowed him to perfect a technique to have his properties constantly booked and achieving 5.0 reviews.

MoVR is home to outlets such as Dear Airby, which allows guests to write in and ask the most sincere or even outlandish questions about experiences with Airbnb guests & more.

Master of Vacation Rentals is a how-to guide book plus a whole ecosystem of support to help people “master vacation rentals”; so they too can participate in the profits made possible by new sharing-economy. Practice the 10 Steps to Hosting Success and engage with their affiliates, recommended experts along the way to facilitate their journey to boost bookings, and increase guest satisfaction.

Those who are looking to prepare for a future in vacation rentals or the hospitality industry should immediately look into this guide which is now available on most major retailers!

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About Jeff Pierce

Over the course of his very ambitious and successful career, Jeff Pierce has worked as a high-volume real estate broker managing his own profitable office while leading a business that identified under-valued properties to flip them with minimal investment. He holds a PMP (Project Management Professional) designation and is a regular lecturer on that topic. His background also includes serving as a sought after information technology management consultant to top Silicon Valley companies, making him the perfect guide to lead you through the ten steps to master Airbnb. Jeff earned his MBA from Ohio University at the age of 21 and purchased his first property that same year. He has held or currently holds real estate licenses in California, Massachusetts, Florida, and Georgia. As a Superhost with over 200 (and growing) very highly rated Airbnb transactions, his experience has given him a valuable body of knowledge that he shares with ease, perspective, and humor.

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