Kratom Disrupting Convenience Store Sales in New Trend

A new trend in the convenience store market is a dramatic uptick in sales of kratom related products signaling a shift in demand for this controversial plant.

June 10, 2022 – Jacksonville, FL – An upcoming trend, according to the latest Nielson data along with a recent survey among C-store owners, is the increase in sales of kratom to consumers from convenience stores and local marts. Not much is known about kratom among the general public, but indicators show that might be shifting. As this plant from Southeast Asia makes its way mainstream there seems to be a rush of new kratom products competing for space with more traditional counter products.

For those not familiar with kratom (as most of the public have still not heard of this miracle plant whose species name is Mitragyna Speciosa) is a plant grown primarily in southwest Asia that has long been used for its health and pain relief benefits. Over the past decade the popularity of this still little-known plant has soared in the U.S. and across the western world, and many people are now hearing about this for the first time as the popularity soars.

The industry has been largely unregulated leaving the door open for a wide range of companies to throw their hat in the ring – from large established companies (such as MIT45) who have numerous levels of quality control and pass strict state regulations – down to individuals who purchase small amounts and repackage with no controls (and oftentimes little knowledge of the plant) in place. This has resulted in multiple brands in the industry with very wide-ranging effects. The more harmful effects are largely due to the inability for companies to legally be able to state anything on the packaging leaving individuals to figure out dosing that works for them, usually through trial and error.

As the C-store market continues to shift to new trends, we will keep the industry up to date with the latest developments. Staying on top of the upcoming product trends is critical to maximize revenue in small market stores.


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