New Energy Shot Makes Splash at World’s Largest Consumer Products Tradeshow

The response to the new product has been overwhelmingly positive, and MIT45 is excited to bring its latest innovation to consumers across the country.

September 15, 2022 – Las Vegas, NV – MIT45 stunned vendors during the ASD tradeshow with their latest product MIT45 Boost. This builds on the success of their previous show in August. ASD is the largest consumer goods tradeshow in the United States, and it was an opportunity for vendors to access top-selling products in a one-stop shop. Designed to give consumers an instant boost of energy, the new shot is made with natural ingredients and contains Mitragyna Speciosa (commonly known as kratom) and caffeine.

MIT45 has established their reputation as the Gold Standard in the industry over the last two years. They have been recognized for building a positive workplace culture and were recently recognized as one of the Most Innovative Companies in 2022 for implementing the new digital sales card.

Vendors lined up at the MIT45 booth and were able to buy the most sought after kratom products. The ASD show provided access to vendors and companies outside of the usual industries, exposing kratom to new audiences as kratom is beginning to cross into the mainstream. MIT45’s attendance at this event has highlighted the company’s efforts to transition kratom into the mainstream market.

The show was attended by leading brands in various industries, specialty stores, mass merchants, convenience and department stores. MIT45 had one of the busiest booths in the alternative lifestyle category as retailers and vendors lined up to learn more about MIT45’s products and the new product MIT45 Boost took the category by storm.

Dave Forrester, the marketing director for MIT45, had this to say about the results of August’s ASD tradeshow, “This was easily one of our best shows with ASD to date and we’re thrilled with how well MIT45 Boost is being received both in the kratom industry and in the mass market as well.”

MIT45 is leading the charge in transitioning kratom into the mainstream market. The performance at ASD is another indicator showing progress in their goal of becoming the dominant player in the kratom industry and beyond.

You can learn more about MIT45 by going to MIT45. To learn about MIT45 wholesale opportunities and why it is the fastest-growing brand in convenience stores, go to

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