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Barcelona – April 16, 2020 – Since the Covid-19 outbreak has spread to every continent already, the majority of countries decided to enforce some level of travel restrictions. These restrictions applied to foreign travellers differ from one country to another and it is becoming difficult to understand if you can still travel to certain countries or even just transit there, and if so, what are the entry requirements and how to get the visa.

To make it easier to orient, online visa service Visagov has prepared a list of current visa & travel restrictions. This list is being regularly updated with newly enforced restrictions and what type of visas are still allowed.

Types of restrictions

We can divide the restrictions into 5 categories. First are the countries with minor, or even no restrictions like Canada or Kenya. The second group are countries like New Zealand or Ethiopia. You can still visit, but you have to spend the first 14 days after your arrival in a quarantine. Some countries still allow foreign travellers to enter, but suspended the eVisa, or electronic systems for travel authorization and you have to get the visa at their embassy. Other countries don’t allow travellers and suspended visa applications from countries that are affected by coronavirus the most.

The most strict are countries that suspended all entries and all visa applications like Vietnam, Russia, Saudi Arabia or Oman.

So far we can see that the first victims of coronavirus were the visa-exempt programs and visa on arrival. The most secure are the offline visas obtained from the embassies and the most convenient and still secure are the online e-Visa and online travel authorizations.

What does it mean for the future?

In the near future, the situation is unpredictable and the situation will be developing differently in every region and in every country. Many restrictions were implemented without the end date and even the countries that published the end date may prolong it or tighten the rules even more. It’s difficult to say when you will be able to travel again so the best is to check with the official government website before buying your flight or vacation package.

If we take a look into the second half of this year and beyond, most of the restrictions will be probably lifted and you will be able to set off for your dream holidays. What can happen is that many visa-free and visa-waiver programs might not survive the pandemic as many countries are already talking about changing their entry conditions and introducing some type of visas or traveller registrations.

To see the complete list with all the details, visit the website. is a visa service company offering visas to over 25 countries. It provides the most comfortable way to get the visa using a single online form and taking care of dealing with the governments for their customers.

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